The Social Media Academy: Social Media Management & Training

At The Social Media Academy we are a UK based organisation, dedicated to enabling our clients to maximise the potential the on-line space offers through our proven incubator model. Our approach kick-starts social media engagement for our clients as our experienced team manages content, posts, reach and analytics for the first phase. We are the only official Social Media organisation that has built an academic course and apprenticeships for the industry.

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Learn how to engage with your audience within the largest social media platform worldwide

Facebook management & training

Facebook training

Launched in 2004 and originally for the use of students attending selected Universities such as: Harvard, Stanford and Yale, Facebook is now home to 829 million daily active users and 1.32 billion monthly active users. In addition, with 81.7% of daily users being locate outside of the US and Canada, Facebook is unquestionably the most populated social networking site on the Internet.


Discover how to leverage the main B2B social media platform worldwide with over 300 million users

LinkedIn management & training

LinkedIn training

Since 2003, LinkedIn operates the largest professional social network with 313 million members in over 200 countries. With two news users signing up per second, the fastest demographic are students and recent university graduates, accounting for 39 million users of the network population. Using live examples, the training "Grow your business on LinkedIn” is an online course designed to ensure you are best placed to use the power and opportunities of LinkedIn for you and your business, giving you the know-how to market yourself, your company and services, and develop prospects and new business in addition to connecting with your current clients.


Do you know how to reach a huge audience with only 140 characters?

Twitter management & training

Twitter training

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform which allows users to communicate messages restricted to a maximum 140-characters, with the company’s mission to empower users to create and share ideas and content in real-time, without any existing barriers. As such, in comparison to Facebook, Twitter has 271 million monthly users and users collectively post 500 million tweets per day, with 77% of accounts located outside of the US.

Google Plus

The social network from Google

Google Plus training

Powered by the most popular and most established search engine on the worldwide web, Google+ launched more recently than it’s competitors, in 2011. Although there are over 1 billion enabled accounts, Google+ has a user community of approximately 359 million monthly users, with 20 million unique mobile visitors a month. Being active on this social network is deemed as being more powerful than on others, as having a presence on Google+ can contribute towards increasing search rankings, whilst impacting and influencing the nature of content marketing simultaneously.


The power of video

YouTube training

After being launched in 2007, YouTube now records the highest number of unique monthly users with a staggering 1 billion visitors, calculating to over 6 billion hours of video being watched over the same 4-week period – approximately just short of an hour watched by each individual in the global population. With 80% of traffic being generated outside of the US and the site being


Enjoy fast and fun mobile conversation!


Created by two guys from Stanford in 2011, the auto-destroying, photo-sharing, social-mobile application quickly generated a huge fan base, enough to rival any social network. With approximately 70 million active monthly users, around 400 million snaps are sent on a daily basis and 1 billion stories are viewed a day. In addition, the main user age bracket lies between 13-25 year olds.


The board for the visual content


This social platform focuses on the sharing of visual content in the form of imagery and video, referred to as ‘pins’. Although the social platform is more popular in the US, UK users are situated in the highest income bracket (29%). In 2012, Pinterest’s useage in the UK exploded, seeing a 786% increase in traffic with 7,985,316 visits, in comparison to the 901,761 visits by UK users in 2011, proving the site has fully established itself in the online social media environment and continues to grow.


Instant messaging for everybody


Founded in 2009 and recently acquired by Facebook for between $16-19 billion in February (2014), the mobile instant messaging application has 600 million monthly users, with 70% using the application on a daily basis, accounting for the 19+ billion messages sent every day. With users having the option to send text messages, voice messages, pictures and video content, it is no wonder why the the application is as popular.


Fast, beautiful and fun way to share your pictures


Facilitating the posting and sharing of users photos among the user-community, Instagram was the first of its kind, when launching in 2010. Since then, the social network has somewhat changed in that new features are now available that generate higher levels of engagement and interactivity such as sending photo’s to specific individuals through a direct message function and allowing users to now post video-content. Instagram now has 200 million active monthly users, accounting for 60 million photos being uploaded and 1.6 billion likes being generated on a daily basis.


The new innovative trending social media platform, hybrid between Tumblr and Twitter.


Ello is the new trending talk of the town within the social media industry . The new social network platform is already being called the new Facebook. Will the new platform give Zuckerberg’s digital empire something to think about? Ello has been named the antithesis of Facebook. Ello states: “Your social network is owned by advertisers. Every post you share, every friend you make and every link you follow is tracked, recorded and converted into data.” Therefore Ello aims to do the opposite.

The concept of social media and the online environment has rapidly developed in recent years. From the days when the internet could only be used by those who understood ‘coding’, the internet has now become an integral part to modern society by providing the most popular communication tool. Originally through the use of messaging services such as email, the introduction and use of the social media landscape, which includes multiple globally-recognised social networking sites, has come into worldwide prominence, making the online landscape very different to what it once were.

The internet now facilities 24-hour news cycle that supports social interaction and the sharing of information. This enables individuals to connect with family, friends, acquaintances and others from local areas and around the world, which explains why the majority of the global population signed up to at least one social networking site. As such, the need to learn how to operate and manage these platforms have become of higher importance than ever before, as new members register to these sites, whilst the number of platforms continue to increase in this digital age and tech-savvy society.