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As the new year is slowly creeping upon us, it time to look back on 2013. So, what happened in 2013? Andy Murray won Wimbledon, Nelson Mandela sadly passed away, and we had the introduction of the first “smart watch”.

Well, thats what you would have found if you were on Twitter. Personally, I find that the news just isn’t for me. I find myself waiting hours on end to find out bad news after bad news, and who wants that, really? Instead, I get my iPhone out, go straight to social media, to final all the latest on the news that I actually want to hear about and avoid the long winded nature of the news, where you’ll rarely find anything remotely positive. So instead, 2o13 became the year where the news was right where you needed it to be, in your hand, at a click of a button, alongside the rest of all of your interests and fascinations. Its simple, straight to google, type away, and boom, your answer is right there.

But what was the most popular search on Google for 2013?

Well the answer is pretty simple, Facebook, yep, Facebook took the number one spot on the searches on Google for 2013, even beating Google’s own Youtube. Google also address the most searched “What is…” questions, where Facebook topped this search also around the UK.

The second question within the top ten, was a little more heart felt, “what is love?” The remainder of the questions consist of “what is minimum wage?”, “Universal Jobmatch,” and topics surrounding cancer, energy and blood pressure.

But throughout the year, the most searched terms on google are as followed;

1. Facebook – The most popular social media site around the global

2. YouTube – The second largest search engine in the world.

3. Google – The name itself of the most used site on the world web.

4. Hotmail – Popular email service

5. Ebay – Online auction site

6. BBC News – sharing a range of global and local news

7. Amazon – World’s largest online retailer.

8. Daily Mail – Print and online news paper

9. Argos – High street and online catalog store

10. Yahoo – Multinational Internet corporation

By Georgia Tims

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