Why Bing will be the next one invited to the internet party

binghomeIn the last few years every conversation regarding Internet has been in fact talking about Google. It’s true that this company has completely changed  the way we use the internet. Starting as a really simple concept (just a search engine) nowadays it is the biggest actor in the internet scheme with the most used internet desktop browser (Google Chrome) and the most used mobile OS (Android).

About two years ago, aligned with the Facebook growing, some articles started to suggest that the social media platforms could defeat Google, but nowadays it doesn’t looks likely to happen because Facebook is still just a social media platform.

Google have another rival on this tail, that being Microsoft. Even if most people think that they are almost out of the business and still living in the golden ages, now Microsoft is developing good technology. A good example of that is how “Bing” search engine is getting better and better.

BingMapsIf we compare Google Maps with Bing Maps, we can see it live. For example, searching for the Bullring (Birmingham) we can feel the difference. On Google Maps, the information is just about the shopping center, on Bing we have information about the stores inside and a directory on the left.

In terms of users, Bing Maps is still almost insignificant in comparison with Google Maps, but is being a really good solution for all these users unhappy with Apple Maps and will be the default maps system in all the Windows devices each day more multi-platform

Microsoft knows that they have to keep moving and one of the ways is via mobile. The company bought Nokia because of that and now with Windows 8 and the new terminals we can start to gain (or recover) a juicy piece of the cake. Don’t you remember when Nokia was the top company in the mobile phones market?