Augmented Reality – when traditions and technology entwine.

Technology has become a necessity for everyday life. We no longer depend on daily newspapers – we depend on newsfeeds. We no longer depend on weather reports – we depend on navigated devices. We no longer depend on postmen – we depend of delivery receipts. So, what can we expect when we entwine traditions and technology together.

Augmented reality


  • a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.

Augmented reality can be traced back to 1990, when Professor Tom Caudell focused on a project of finding new way to help his company’s engineering process and involve the use or virtual reality. Caudell developed software which displayed the position of certain cabling during construction which made the process much less complex.

And now, without even realising, we view augmented reality on a daily basis, with thanks to software and devices such as green screens, gaming consoles and mobile apps. But since the launch of Google Glass, in a bid to be crowned augmented kings, it seems other organisations are determined to join in the battle.

Here are a few other strong marketing campaigns who have utilised augmented reality;


ModiFace Skin Care Virtulisation

A virtual make-over that powers over 150 web and mobile apps, to virtually trial make-up and products to match and suit your style.

With nearly 50 million downloads, ModiFace certainly got the cosmetic industry talking!


Star Walks

Similar to Google Sky Map, it shows the stars over your head to find constellations and notable stars. Great for stargazers and learning astronomers.



IKEA Catalog

This app features has the ability to superimpose various furniture into your own photographs of your own setting to see how the items would look. You can also scan physical copies of the IKEA catalog to search for it in the app.





Similar to ModiFace, TryLive, allows users to try on glasses, jewellery, clothes, shoes and even customise their homes too, before making the purchase.

Taking “try before you by” to a whole new digital level.




Starbucks Magic Cups

By downloading the Starbucks app, consumers were able to point their mobiles at their Starbucks’ cups in order to view festive animations.


Skoda – Waterloo Station

By using one of Europe’ largest advertising screens Skoda tried to target stressed commuters, inviting them to customise the new Skoda Fabia and showing the results being brought to life on the digital screen.


The Best Of #FoxNewsFacts

On late Sunday night, Fox News created quite an uproar in Birmingham. Why, you ask? Well, here is why. Terrorist ‘expert’ Steve Emerson claimed that, “there are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim where non-Muslims just simply don’t go in.” The people of Birmingham simultaneously put their head in their hands. It was a comment which outraged many including the Prime Minister, David Cameron who described Emerson as a “complete idiot”. However, after the initial anger and outrage, many Twitter users united. United against stupidity.

It is fair to say that Steve’s comments went viral. This was followed up by a hashtag #FoxNewsFacts. #FoxNewsFacts was a hashtag that many Twitter’s users used to respond to Emerson’s claims in the form of sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek tweets. Here are our favourite’s, starting off with the Bullring.

Followed up by an image of a local sports rivalry.

And last but not least, a cartoon which depicts newly named places in Birmingham.

Steve Emerson will no doubt be regretting the comments he has made and he has very generously donated £500 to Birmingham’s Children Hospital. However, this incident goes to show that making ill-informed comments live on worldwide television, in this digital world, can cost you dearly.

ALDI Tweet

How Aldi were the most successful supermarket on Black Friday!

Whilst Tesco and ASDA were preparing for the inevitable stampede of people on Black Friday, one supermarket in the UK produced a marketing masterclass last Friday and in the process, it also stung its competitors. It was pure and simple, Aldi took advantage of a live event similar to what Oreo did during the 2013 Super Bowl. “We did Black Friday last week, we call it ‘Friday’.”


Aldi combined their business and a live event to create one of the most popular tweets of 2014 and has helped their brand awareness significantly.  This was a clear potshot at their rivals and it worked superbly, as the tweet gained over 1,600 retweets and over 1,000 favourites. It also impressed their followers as many of them commended for their “first class marketing” and that they love their social media!



Will Tesco and ASDA take inspiration from Aldi? It is clear that Aldi came out on top after Black Friday in a brand sense. Aldi were highly praised for their social media performance in contrast to the images coming out of ASDA & Tesco stores across the country which you could describe simply as chaotic. It is safe to say that your brand will not appear as family friendly as it used to be as a result of the general public fighting for cut price televisions on your premises. Whilst ASDA & Tesco may of went from red to black,  the real winner of Black Friday was Aldi!



Photoshoot naked london freerun

Loose in London for a good cause?

London, rooftops and no clothes. Yes, that’s a weird combination until you see the results. Tim Shieff, free running world-champion has been captured in his birthday suit by the photographer David Paul on a spectacular photoshoot in order to show this urban sport.

The pictures are really breath-taking you can see how influential this has been through the traction gained on social media. The idea was created a few thousands miles away, in Santorini (Greece) after a trip  they both had on a photoshoot during a race.

The project, called Man & Mortar includes photographs of a different London locations while practicing the increasingly popular sport and the results were brilliant.

naked jumper london

Speaking to London Live’s Wake Up London show the runner has said: “We were in Greece on a free running and thought that it didn’t quite fit the surroundings, and it just came to us, why not do it naked. It really fitted with the black and white style and we thought why don’t we continue this theme.”

The pictures can be purchased on the website Beautiful Crime and a percentage of the profits will go to Jamie Oliver’s charity Fifteen. Apparently, the chef is a good friend with Tim and also supported the pictures on his Instagram.



#SocialLuton: successful social media training in Luton

Have you heard about #SocialLuton? Our social media training sessions has been held in cities such as Birmingham, Leeds, London, Milton Keynes and Barcelona. Yesterday we embrace Luton’s finest businesses as they enjoyed our first business growth social media training session in the city with great success.

During the session, we used the hashtag #SocialLuton for a live demonstration on the effect of a simple #hashtag. The impact was remarkable as #SocialLuton received over 300,000 impressions within hours!

Do you want to see the best tweets?


#CometLanding: the best tweets

Yesterday was a really important day for the European Space Agency and for humanity. After 10 years traveling trough space, Philae managed to land on the comet 67P. A long race that has also produce an authentic revolution on social media.

Here the best tweets on the #CometLanding:



Halloween on Twitter

What Are Big Brands Doing This Halloween On Twitter?

As Halloween approaches, brands will be scrambling for ideas on how to celebrate the event. Some brands have decided to promote their hashtag whilst others have went for different methods such as video content. Which brand will come out on top? Will Oreo steal the show again or will there be something new?

Oreo are well renowned on social media for their ability to react to events and create content as a result of it, the “you can dunk in the dark” tweet was one of the most popular tweets of 2013. This Halloween, Oreo have went for a different approach in the form of video content. Oreo is asking their followers for suggestions for the names of the Oreo monster. This is a excellent way to get their followers to engage with the account and there has been many responses in the past hour!

Snickers have went for a rather basic approach to the event with a simple Happy Halloween tweet with an image attached. However, in contrast to the Oreo tweet, Snickers content has no call to action, so it is hard for their followers to engage with the tweet. All in all, it has been an average attempt by Snickers, a lot more could of been done.


Fanta have realised the importance of Halloween and in the last week they have promoted their Hashtag #HelpKen. The #HelpKen campaign is a very innovatve idea from Fanta, the idea is to get people to post pictures of their Zombie faces to their Twitter account. As a result of this, they will be entered into a competition where they can possibly win theme park tickets, cinema tickets and even iPhone 6’s! Fanta have invested a lot of time and money into this campaign and it is paying off!

Carlsberg have went for a rather humourous approach, sticking an afro on top of their cans with the text “Hallo… is it ween you’re looking for?” making reference to the classic Lionel Richie ballad. A very simple tweet, just like Snickers’ effort however, due to the humour this is one of the best brand tweets this Halloween.

Samsung have used Vine for their Halloween tweet and it is a very creative idea, albeit a bit unsavory to watch after you’ve just eaten! The vine itself is depicting a pumpkin being sick after having too many sweets. The tweet itself has got over 200 retweets and many users have complimented Samsung for their creativity, and we do too! Well done Samsung!



Which is your favourite? Is there any brand we are missing? Let us know in the comments below!

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Long Jump Social Media

Optimal Lengths for Social Media Content

In recent years, as time continues to tick, traditional media is being neglected as digital media comes into prominence. Given that the power of the internet allows all users to become authors, use of the digital space is adopted more so by individuals and organisations alike. One of the great benefits of creating digital content, is that the limitations such as: how much space is left on a page? Are too many images included? Is the text too small, are completely non-existent. However, with that being said, there’s no question that there are digital principles in place that need to be taken into consideration when posting on social media.

As such, it’s important to see in the eyes of your target audience and contemplate whether you’d be interested in listening, reading or watching a piece of content that is too long. Ask yourself one question, ‘will I get bored half way through?’ and be honest with yourself, even if it was yourself that created the content. To make things seem more straight forward, here are some valuable guidelines to abide by, when creating different forms of content on social media platforms:

Character count

  • Tweets – 71-100 [Tweets including this number of characters can produce 17% higher engagement)
  • > Facebook – 40 [Posts including 40 characters can gain up to 86% higher engagement than those with more characters]
  • > Google+ – 60 [The first line of the main content must grab the reads attention, if the headline can not fit on one line – to ensure content is read]
  • > Paragraphs – 40-55 [Larger fonts in opening paragraphs entices the reader and allows them too jump to the section in which they find of most interest]
  • > URL Domains –  8 [Be sure to keep domains short, sweet, easy to spell and read. Numbers and symbols should be avoided and URL’s should end in .com, preferably]
  • > Hashtags (#) – 6 [Ensure that the use of slang, number and spaces are limited, unless they’re appropriate and necessary to your campaign]
  • > Email subject lines – 28-39 [Email subject lines receive a higher open rate than those of a higher character count]
  • > Title Tags – 55 [Be wary that titles that exceed this limitation will be shortened with an ellipsis]

Word Count

  • > Blog Title – 6 [Readers tend to read the first and last 3 words within a title, so whatever you decide to choose as your blog title, make sure it packs punch!]
  • > LinkedIn Post – 25 [When marketing to businesses aim to contain 16-25 words. However, if marketing to consumers, aim for 21-25 words, to encourage shares]
  • > Blog Post – 1,600 [74% of posts are read that take approx. 3 minutes long and 94% are under 6 minutes]

Number of Minutes

  • > YouTube –  3 [The shorter the better. On average, the top 50 videos on the platform last 3 minutes]
  • > Podcasts – 22 [Listeners tend to stay engaged for 22 minutes. Take into consideration the audience’s varied attention spans]
  • > Ted Talks – 18 [Based on the threshold given by Ted Talks – max. of 18 minutes – and varied attention spans, this amount of time is deemed adequate]
  • > Slideshare – 6 [With abiding by good presentation rules and including a engaging design, when including multiple slides, presentations need to be no longer than 6 minutes]

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