Super Bowl 2015 – What Brand Came Out On Top?

Whilst it may not be as popular in the UK as it is on the other side of the pond in the US, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest global events of the year. Over 115 million people watch it and of course, it is a huge opportunity for brands.

There were over 28 million tweets last night about the Super Bowl, an increase of just under 4 million from the previous year. For many years, brands would spend millions concentrating all efforts on creating adverts to desperately try and catch the attention of millions across the US.

Times have changed, now faster than the Social Media world is rapidly expanding, social media becoming more popular than ever, brands are now putting their efforts into creating viral pieces of content.
The simple but genius efforts of Oreo in the 2013 Super Bowl was applauded by thousands. Instead of trying to create a highly sophisticated piece of content, Oreo simply jumped onto an event that was happening during the game itself.

The tweet went viral, receiving over 15,000 retweets. The question is, did anybody match Oreo last night? We’ll go through the best and the worst!

One of the most talked about adverts was Nationwide (Not affiliated with the UK bank). Nationwide’s advert had a very dark tone, as the advert itself featured a young boy who dies as a result of an unspecified household accident. Due to the tragic nature, many Twitter users were quite shocked and outraged. Here is one of the most retweeted responses to the advert!

In contrast, the Budweiser “Lost Dog Advert” warmed the hearts of millions. Why you ask? Simple, puppies. The advert was a sequel to the most popular advert of the 2014 Super Bowl with the vice president of Budweiser claiming “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” He was right! The advert was a huge success, the hashtag “#BestBuds” reached over 2.2 million in a day on Twitter! If you want to view the advert, watch it below! Warning, tissues may be needed.

What was your favourite advertisement? Were you not a fan of the Budweiser advert? Do you think Nationwide’s advert was the most powerful in Super Bowl history? Tweet us your thoughts at @UKLinkedIn!

The Best Of #FoxNewsFacts

On late Sunday night, Fox News created quite an uproar in Birmingham. Why, you ask? Well, here is why. Terrorist ‘expert’ Steve Emerson claimed that, “there are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim where non-Muslims just simply don’t go in.” The people of Birmingham simultaneously put their head in their hands. It was a comment which outraged many including the Prime Minister, David Cameron who described Emerson as a “complete idiot”. However, after the initial anger and outrage, many Twitter users united. United against stupidity.

It is fair to say that Steve’s comments went viral. This was followed up by a hashtag #FoxNewsFacts. #FoxNewsFacts was a hashtag that many Twitter’s users used to respond to Emerson’s claims in the form of sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek tweets. Here are our favourite’s, starting off with the Bullring.

Followed up by an image of a local sports rivalry.

And last but not least, a cartoon which depicts newly named places in Birmingham.

Steve Emerson will no doubt be regretting the comments he has made and he has very generously donated £500 to Birmingham’s Children Hospital. However, this incident goes to show that making ill-informed comments live on worldwide television, in this digital world, can cost you dearly.

Understanding The Benefits Of LinkedIn


LinkedIn- Why is it important?

It is true that over 272 million people are current on LinkedIn, however I feel there is a large proportion of people that aren’t spending enough time on the Platform. There are many profiles without profile pictures, relevant information or any recommendation and endorsements. Many of you might be thinking well I have a job, so why do I need LinkedIn. However the power of the Platform is growing. To be seen as a professional company not only does your company page need to look professional but also your personal profiles need to reflect on the company information. So there are some factors you may want to consider.


The Professional Networking Site

LinkedIn unlike other platforms like to be known as a ‘Professional Networking site’, rather than a ‘Social Network’. It appeals to professional who would like to connect and link themselves with other professionals within their industries. Individuals come onto the platform for strictly businesses, whilst many senior professionals fail to take likes of Twitter and Facebook seriously, LinkedIn provides them the perfect answer to Networking online ‘The Professional Networking Site’.

Connecting with Professionals

LinkedIn’s main purpose is to connect with people within the same Industry or similar interest, this could have many benefits. You may have questions about your sector which you can share with connections and they will then help you. You can also connect with potential clients. Connections also allow you to find out about networking events that will take which will place allow you to meet new people and potential clients.

Promote Yourself

Whether you have a job or not updating your Professional Profiles can bring many different opportunities. Your LinkedIn profile is like your online resume, it can help you find a new job or just simply promote your accomplishments. If you’re a business or a sole trader you can promote yourself and your business.

LinkedIn Groups

Joining groups is a great way to engage with users, share ideas and learn new things. It is a way to get you out there and seen, it is also a great way to gain knowledge and understand things better. It is great places to find connections that could be of business benefit in the future.


I would be scanning through Google previously to find out news and articles about brands and leaders I was interested in but now I can read stories and articles on LinkedIn shared by high-profile figures like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Sir Richard Branson and many more.  Since signing up to LinkedIn I have been able to keep up more with current affairs that impact the industry that I am in.

Do you know 95% of LinkedIn users aren’t utilizing its full potential. Gain 5 to 10 leads a week using our proven formula, attend our workshop delivered by No1 LinkedIn expert – Mark Hamilton Taylor, click here to see more details.

Facebook Snap Up Whatsapp For $19bn

IN20_FACEBOOK_WHAT_1762743fYesterday evening, news emerged that Facebook purchased the instant-messaging service ‘Whatsapp’ in a deal said to be worth around $19bn.

Whatsapp is the only internet based app that gets more engagement and a higher percent of people, daily, than Facebook itself. Now there’s a fact!
With over 450 million monthly users, Whatsapp is currently sitting top of the tree. Skype, WeChat, Viber, and Blackberry Messenger (BBM) also make up the top 5 of most monthly users.

graphDespite the purchase of Instagram in 2012, this  will be the largest single acquisition Facebook have performed in all of their 10-year history. It seems as though Facebook are going all out though, having also had a reported offer of $3bn for direct photo messaging app,  Snapchat in 2013. This has, in fact, made people question the intentions of Facebook. Rather than internally growing, it is said that Facebook are trying to “buy growth” by purchasing popular applications [such as Instagram].
You can only survive in the Social Media industry if you are creative, innovation and, of course, popular!

Is this a “panic buy”? Have Facebook ran out of internal ideas?

Jan Koun, founder of Whatsapp and former Yahoo engineer is now set to join Facebook’s Board of Directors. The Ukrainian and his employees will also receive $3bn [£1.8bn] as part of the deal.





5 Social Media Trends for 2014


* Click the infographic for more info.

The Top 5 key points you need to know for 2014…. are right here!
We know Social Media, as an industry, is about to EXPLODE so why not get ahead of the game in 2014 and pick up on the useful trends.
Facebook? Google +? Twitter? LinkedIn? Don’t worry, we have it all covered for you.

With Social Media being such a new industry, you ARE going to get things wrong. Businesses struggle. It’s a fact.
They may try, but give up and think that it’s not worth their time.
If you’re doing it wrong, then you’re doing it the wrong way.

We hope these trends will help you.

Produced Social Media Buz

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How To Write A Successful Blog

Have you ever wanted to write a blog but don’t know where to start?

Are you a good speaker or writer but are coming to a halt when trying to convey these ideas on the blank computer screen in front of you?

An idea may be fresh in your mind and seem like it would make a great impact but I know for one that it can be a daunting task actually writing a blog, well you can stop scratching your head and staring blankly at the page because we have listed  some brilliant tips that will help you write a successful blog!

1 – What are you going to write about?

Now this may seem like a silly step to start on, but think about it have you decided what subject/genre you are going to write about? Have you decided what target audience you are aiming at? Have you decided what writing style  your audience requires?

If you have then thats great news! You are one step closer to creating a killer blog however, if you haven’t answered any of these questions with a solid ‘yes’ then this is the first thing you need to do.

Many people do not start their blog with a clear goal in mind, they know they want to write a blog but they haven’t  thought about content and target audience. This leaves them sat in front of their computer screen with a blank look on their face and a blank document. I suppose you could call this process  step ‘planning’ and it’s one of , if not, the most important part of blog writing. Does a fashion designer make a garment without planning? No … they come up with an idea, do their research, gather materials and equipment, find their templates and then they start ! Does a football manager just let his team wander on to the pitch ? No… he comes up with a strategy, plans which players he will use and their positions, runs through the structure with them, they’ll train and then they’ll play the actual game, blogging is no different to these two jobs or any other job for that matter, planning is vital!

2- How have other people done it ?

Everyone wants to write their own unique blogs and you can ,however it is a really good idea to find out what  blogs are out there like the one you are planning to write this doesn’t mean you need to copy what they do or their writing style but it is a good way to see whats successful and what is unsuccessful with your target audience, after all everyone is different, this step is basic ‘research’, you are looking at your demographic, the popularity of your chosen subject and how your blog is going to fit in, the whole point of a blog is that people are going to read it, so there is no point going in with no knowledge of what is working, for example you wouldn’t write a blog about ‘the best way to cook steak, rare’ and then aim it at vegetarians (I know that is an obvious and silly example, but you get the point)

3- Make it personal!

People tend to think that because they are writing a blog it has to be formal and written like a news article, this isn’t necessarily the case., a reader will respond better to a blog that has personality,  it will grab their attention more if you crack a few jokes or include some quirky examples during your blog, like I have done  in this  article ,readers like to feel as though they are talking to a friend rather than reading a blog, so keep it lighthearted and fun.

4- Images are king

You may be thinking ‘ i’m writing a blog, its about the writing why do I need images ? ‘…. well its all about visuals! people will get disinterested if they click on your blog and all they see if pages full of words, its a nice way of breaking up all the paragraphs and adding a hint of ‘glam’ to your blog.,people like to have something to look at, its also a nice touch especially if you are writing about a person or an event, it helps the audience build a picture in their mind whilst reading your words.,lets be honest would we read a magazine if the front cover was just plain or just words and when you flicked through, it was just pages upon pages of words, the answer is no. not  many would.

5- If you’ve got it, you don’t necessarily have to flaunt it!

If you’ve followed the first three steps, are happy with what you have so far and feel that its  solid enough to publish … STOP RIGHT THERE!

I and many other bloggers would suggest holding onto and cherishing your blog for at least three weeks  before finalising it, writing a great blog doesn’t happen overnight  (unless you are writing about a current subject such as news  or celebrity)

Some blogs are meant to be held onto and worked on, if your blog is one of those you will know!!!

6- Now you can shout about it

If you’re ready to publish your blog after writing it or holding onto it and perfecting it , then go right ahead, ( we suggest giving it one last check over, just incase)

the best way to get views and shares on a blog is to advertise it, talk about it on your social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or your website, if you have one, you can even share it with your friends, family or colleagues and cheekily ask them to share it for you, Its not a massive ask and it will see your blog getting more and more traction each time its seen and shared,.

You never know this could be that one favour you are owed by a friend for paying their half for the takeaway  friday night and this could see your blog reaching new, successful levels!

So good luck and happy blogging

By Zoe Cresswell

A look back at 2013


As the new year is slowly creeping upon us, it time to look back on 2013. So, what happened in 2013? Andy Murray won Wimbledon, Nelson Mandela sadly passed away, and we had the introduction of the first “smart watch”.

Well, thats what you would have found if you were on Twitter. Personally, I find that the news just isn’t for me. I find myself waiting hours on end to find out bad news after bad news, and who wants that, really? Instead, I get my iPhone out, go straight to social media, to final all the latest on the news that I actually want to hear about and avoid the long winded nature of the news, where you’ll rarely find anything remotely positive. So instead, 2o13 became the year where the news was right where you needed it to be, in your hand, at a click of a button, alongside the rest of all of your interests and fascinations. Its simple, straight to google, type away, and boom, your answer is right there.

But what was the most popular search on Google for 2013?

Well the answer is pretty simple, Facebook, yep, Facebook took the number one spot on the searches on Google for 2013, even beating Google’s own Youtube. Google also address the most searched “What is…” questions, where Facebook topped this search also around the UK.

The second question within the top ten, was a little more heart felt, “what is love?” The remainder of the questions consist of “what is minimum wage?”, “Universal Jobmatch,” and topics surrounding cancer, energy and blood pressure.

But throughout the year, the most searched terms on google are as followed;

1. Facebook – The most popular social media site around the global

2. YouTube – The second largest search engine in the world.

3. Google – The name itself of the most used site on the world web.

4. Hotmail – Popular email service

5. Ebay – Online auction site

6. BBC News – sharing a range of global and local news

7. Amazon – World’s largest online retailer.

8. Daily Mail – Print and online news paper

9. Argos – High street and online catalog store

10. Yahoo – Multinational Internet corporation

By Georgia Tims

My Experience as an Apprentice

Now, I’m sure you all know that stage where you can’t find a job?

Or even the stage where you have had enough of your job and want a new one?


Well that was the position I was in.

When I first worked in retail and yeah it’s okay and everything and a great way of earning some extra money whilst at college, but I was just so bored of leaving college at 3:30 on a weekday then having to be at work 5-9. I know it’s only 4 hours but it’s one of those where you just don’t want to go, the journey there is horrible and that feeling you get just before you walk in, I’m sure you have all experienced that.

Swiftly moving on, I remember coming home and my mom had mentioned starting an apprenticeship and I thought I’d do a little research, anyhow I went to the Sunemployment Roadshow in Edgbaston and the only thing I was interested in was the apprenticeship scheme, I loved the fact that you can get paid for learning. I’ve always stuck by the quote “Find a job you like and you’ll never have to work a day in your life” I have stuck by this quote ever since I came across it. I registered on the apprenticeship website and applied for multiple positions and I had an interview for a graphic design company, I was really happy that I got an interview but something just didn’t feel right at all. I went for the interview and I thought it went really well, but it didn’t as I didn’t get a second interview.

The other apprenticeships I applied for were other graphics design positions and also a social media apprentice. At the time I wasn’t’t really concerned which one I got as I just wanted a change and I wanted something to kick start my career of. I got a screening for the social media position and I was psyched that I got it. Anyway, I had the screening and it went really well, I was nervous but on the other hand I had a really good feeling. I got a call back and they asked me to come for a proper interview, I was over the moon. When the date arrived I went for the interview, turned up nearly half an hour early and you know that feeling where you’re waiting for your interview? Time goes by insanely slow. Moving on, I got a call on the 15th August 2013 and I got the job, the start date was the 19th and I was so happy.

When I started I literally had no idea what social media even meant, all I could think of was Twitter & Facebook… I was wrong… Very wrong. Social media isn’t just ticking boxes it’s a way of doing business.

And to this day I have learnt so much, I have built my LinkedIn profile, generated leads and I even have my own business cards. Now I never would have thought that I would have even had my own business cards let alone my own desk. An apprenticeship has made me understand and even realise the advantages of doing an apprenticeship scheme, referring back to my quote “Find a job you like and you’ll never have to work a day in your life” I don’t work a day in my life, this isn’t a 9-5 job, it’s a lifestyle and I love what I do. I chose this route over university and boy am I glad I did. The difference between university is, at university you pay to learn where as an apprenticeship scheme you get paid to learn…  in an apprentice you get a qualification and an 85% chance that you will stay in employment and also a 64% chance that you will stay with your current employer. Whereas at university you have a 50% chance of getting a job in something that you have a degree in… Now that’s silly… You pay to learn something for 2-4 years at university and you have a 50% chance of getting a job, or you can start an apprentice like I did and not know anything about it all, and you can get paid for it…

That’s why I chose an apprenticeship.

If you would like to follow the path I took, there are 10 social media apprenticeships available now in Birmingham. For more information please click here.

By Luke Priest

5 Types Of Blog Posts That Will Promote Engagement


1. The did you know post

Blogs always try to hit you with an amazing new fact or bit of information that they think no one else in the world has heard before!
E.g. Did you that that Wednesday comes after Tuesday!
And you have to try and make out that you are totally blown away by this next exciting fact that you have just saw.
Come on! We all know that this is just a plea to try and get the viewer to carry on looking at the ret of your blog. If they succeeded then you fell for it!

2. The issue post

A lot of blogs take the oppositional view, just to get some kind of interaction from viewers.
E.g. Margret Thatcher was an amazing Prime-Minister and done great things for the country.
This is a highly controversial topic and is likely to get people to argue against it. This is one great way to get people to talk on your blog. But the things they might be saying, is something you might not be too fond of!

3. The question post

Ask your blog some questions!
If you want to get someone to talk in a normal conversation, you’d usually ask them a question because you want to hear some answers. It should be no different in a blog. You are trying to get people to talk on it, you want interaction, you want engagement, and you want people to be talking about it. What greater way is there than to ask questions to your audience and receive some answers!

4. The top 100 list

Everyone loves a good list! Whether it is a list of the best looking celebrities, or the best football players of all time!
When we look at top 100 lists we all go from the worst to the best, and we do take note. And there is always a talking point in there. Tulisa Contostavlos was a massive talking point last year when she got voted sexiest woman of the year. Likewise, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is always a massive talking point amongst sports fans of who is the best. So there is always an element of debate which is exactly what you want when you are trying to attract engagement.

5. The giveaway post

People of the UK love a freebee. In fact, scrap that, everyone loves a freebee. Whether that is moisturiser or a little spray of aftershave, if it’s free, we’re there!
We’re are instantly more attracted to a magazine if it’s in a plastic case and you can see that there something in there that you get free. Even if you are not the slightest bit interested in what the magazine or about, or interested in what the free item actually is, we are 100% more drawn to it if we know we are going to take it home having not paid for it.

By Mitchell Perry