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What Are Big Brands Doing This Halloween On Twitter?

As Halloween approaches, brands will be scrambling for ideas on how to celebrate the event. Some brands have decided to promote their hashtag whilst others have went for different methods such as video content. Which brand will come out on top? Will Oreo steal the show again or will there be something new?

Oreo are well renowned on social media for their ability to react to events and create content as a result of it, the “you can dunk in the dark” tweet was one of the most popular tweets of 2013. This Halloween, Oreo have went for a different approach in the form of video content. Oreo is asking their followers for suggestions for the names of the Oreo monster. This is a excellent way to get their followers to engage with the account and there has been many responses in the past hour!

Snickers have went for a rather basic approach to the event with a simple Happy Halloween tweet with an image attached. However, in contrast to the Oreo tweet, Snickers content has no call to action, so it is hard for their followers to engage with the tweet. All in all, it has been an average attempt by Snickers, a lot more could of been done.


Fanta have realised the importance of Halloween and in the last week they have promoted their Hashtag #HelpKen. The #HelpKen campaign is a very innovatve idea from Fanta, the idea is to get people to post pictures of their Zombie faces to their Twitter account. As a result of this, they will be entered into a competition where they can possibly win theme park tickets, cinema tickets and even iPhone 6’s! Fanta have invested a lot of time and money into this campaign and it is paying off!

Carlsberg have went for a rather humourous approach, sticking an afro on top of their cans with the text “Hallo… is it ween you’re looking for?” making reference to the classic Lionel Richie ballad. A very simple tweet, just like Snickers’ effort however, due to the humour this is one of the best brand tweets this Halloween.

Samsung have used Vine for their Halloween tweet and it is a very creative idea, albeit a bit unsavory to watch after you’ve just eaten! The vine itself is depicting a pumpkin being sick after having too many sweets. The tweet itself has got over 200 retweets and many users have complimented Samsung for their creativity, and we do too! Well done Samsung!



Which is your favourite? Is there any brand we are missing? Let us know in the comments below!

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