A city in China opens “smartphone lane” for pedestrians

Have you ever been walking along a public path in a rush to get somewhere, only to be held up by the person(s) walking in front, with their eyes glued to their mobile phone and not a care in the world? The answer for the majority is probably yes. Although you may find it a slight frustration in the village, town or city you live in, consider this – it could be worse.

china 1With the population in China currently around 1.3+ billion, unique solutions to tackle pedestrian management are needed. As such, the city of Chongqing has proposed and implemented a tactical master plan in an attempt to tackle this dilemma in a tech-savvy society, through introducing mobile phone walking lanes for pedestrians. Surrounding these footpath’s are large signs written both in Chinese and English, accompanied by heavily painted-warning walkways. In terms of the signs, the text on one side states “First mobile sidewalks in China… Cell phones, walk in this lane at your own risk”, whereas the other simply reads “No cell phones”.

Even though this ludicrous idea does seem viable, will all the money spent on signage and paint be worth it, and really grab the attention of of avid mobile users?
You could argue yes, as being made aware of the signs and their presence, could ensure that mobile users at least consider where they’re walking. However, on the other hand, potentially not, as the nucleus of the problem still remains the same – eyes are focused on the mobile, instead of the users surroundings.

mobile walking chinaLike any other initiative, there’s always pros and cons, but in terms of the original idea, it’s a great one. Taking into consideration, this common problem can cause more dangerous incidents than what meets the eye, there is a need to find a solution to this problem. This method could prove to be the answer and with 88% of people disapproving of texting whilst walking, this somewhat ‘ridiculous’ idea soon be adopted elsewhere. It has already been trialed and tested in Washington (USA), but will other countries soon follow suit?

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