What’s In A Logo?

That’s right, Google have revamped their homepage, but blink and you may just miss it!

The re-design also features a new address bar at the top of the page made to make the site more user-friendly and that little bit more easy to get around.


At first glance the look the new design does not seem to be that different but in fact “Google” has been flattened reshaped with a slightly new colour palette being introduced.

The new design is the first revamp of the world’s most viewed page since 2010, and what do people make of it? I hear you ask…

Okay, that’s where the problem lies, no one actually seems to know about it! Whether that be poor advertising from Google, or no one actually knows about it. Let’s face it, how different is it? Would you notice the change?


This is the headline that I’ve been seeing a lot of lately! Bing obviously felt like they needed to compete with the new logo change, and it’s a pretty drastic change too…. Well, compared to Google it is! With a new colour and a new shape this is a REAL revamp compared to whatever it is that Google has done. Bing has also introduced a new search box, which also displays the new Bing symbol! The search box is a lot more appealing, and a lot more visual now, take a look for yourself!


What do you think? I think it has already been established that the re-design has been much more successful and, for one, more noticeable than what Google have done!! Here’s what some of you guys think:


Mixed reviews there, but viewers, tell me, what do you think of the new Bing design?


And now, on to Yahoo! They’ve also jumped on to the bandwagon of introducing a new design to their profile. They’ve kept the original colour scheme of purple and white but done a completely new thing will it! The white is now purple, and the purple….is now white! Sounds pretty basic right? Less is more is a term that is thrown around often, but I think that this transition is pretty intensive and gives it a more modern look:


The logo is now a lot more bubbly and fun, don’t you think? It’s a lot more direct and current. Losing that purple is a definite positive for me!

Who do you think has won this battle of revamps!? It’s very rare that three major companies change their logos so quickly after another. The competition is obvious and for us, very visual! Forget the status of each engine for a moment, who has won the war of the re-design!?

By Mitch Perry

Setting Up An Account On Google+ For Business

Google+ is the second-largest social networking site in the world, having surpassed Twitter in January 2013. It is seen as Google’s “social layer” that integrates between their online services such as YouTube, GMail and Google Maps.

Google+ has 359 million active users and is tipped to the social platform to watch in 2014, this is a great time to establish your business on the platform and be ahead of the competition.

Here is some tips on how to set a page up for your business.

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10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start Your Social Media Strategy


Social media is a growing sector on where you can really get in touch with your audience in an immediate and meaningful way but before you start using these platforms, here are 10 questions you should ask yourself before you start.

1. What should my company aim to achieve with social media?

The basis of any social media plan is to have a goal, 95% of businesses on social media do not have an end goal. The reason most businesses fail at social media is without a goal how do you measure the results? There are many aims you can have for your company from gaining exposure for your brand to more commerce, building and sticking to these goals is the basis of a successful social media campaign.

2. Who should set up and maintain my company’s social media accounts?

Would you let the intern go on radio or TV to be the spokesperson for your company? This should be an indication of who should be your spokesperson in the digital world, it depends on the size of your company but your social media platforms should be maintained by someone who knows the ins and outs of your company and industry.

3. Should my company have a presence on all of the popular social-media networks?

Unless you can produce consistent and meaningful content on a social platform then by all means be on as many networks as you can. Find the platforms that you get the most response on and focus on that by looking at your business and see what social media platforms are suited your audience.

4. What are the best social networks for small businesses?

Twitter is a very powerful platform to be on for any size company, it’s also a great place to feed content to and from other social media platforms. If your business needs a B2B presence then LinkedIn is the best network to focus on, Facebook is great to inform and engage consumers. Pinterest is the social platform for e-commerce and has a large female following and Google+ is a growing network which feeds into your search rankings.

5. How often should I post new content on my social networks?

Two to Five times a day is the recommended frequency to post across your social media platforms, this should be enough for your audience to see your message, staggering your posts throughout the day will also increase the chance of you audience seeing your message.

6. What types of content should I post on which social platforms?

Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram are more visually based social networks so posts with pictures and videos are better suited to these while Twitter and LinkedIn to share and disseminate news. Make sure whatever you post is interesting and engaging to your audience as your goal should be to interact and add value to your brand.

7. Should I use social media to provide customer service?

Social media is a great way to get immediate feedback from your customers/clients, so providing customer service as a great way to use social media. If it becomes part of the conversation then make sure your company answers in a timely and informative manner even when it is criticisms.

8. How can I convert social-media followers into customers?

Trust, this is the main thing to remember when interacting on social media. If you can gain and retain trust from your audience, about your company they will be a higher likelihood of your social media followers becoming customers, it may sound counterintuitive but don’t try to sell on social media but try to add value to your audience and when the customer/client wants you product or services they will know it is from a trusted source.

9. How can I measure the success of my social-media marketing efforts?

A great measure of success should be if your social media campaign is aligned with your goals but remember the number of followers and likes are great but if there is no engagement with your audience this is for naught, interaction with your audience should be paramount.

10. What is the biggest mistake to avoid?

The biggest mistake in social media is not to be on social media, there is a conversation going on about your company or your sector so join in!

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By Omar Johnson