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Loose in London for a good cause?

London, rooftops and no clothes. Yes, that’s a weird combination until you see the results. Tim Shieff, free running world-champion has been captured in his birthday suit by the photographer David Paul on a spectacular photoshoot in order to show this urban sport.

The pictures are really breath-taking you can see how influential this has been through the traction gained on social media. The idea was created a few thousands miles away, in Santorini (Greece) after a trip  they both had on a photoshoot during a race.

The project, called Man & Mortar includes photographs of a different London locations while practicing the increasingly popular sport and the results were brilliant.

naked jumper london

Speaking to London Live’s Wake Up London show the runner has said: “We were in Greece on a free running and thought that it didn’t quite fit the surroundings, and it just came to us, why not do it naked. It really fitted with the black and white style and we thought why don’t we continue this theme.”

The pictures can be purchased on the website Beautiful Crime and a percentage of the profits will go to Jamie Oliver’s charity Fifteen. Apparently, the chef is a good friend with Tim and also supported the pictures on his Instagram.


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