Personal Branding

online branding x2

How are you representing yourself online?

Scary to think isn’t it, that even though you’re sitting behind a screen, the WHOLE world can see you. Boys, Girls, remember when you used to scream and shout and throw your Macs, Laptops and iPhone’s out of the pram when your Mom used to try and sneak up on you, or wouldn’t give you your ‘personal space’ when you were online.
They wanted to know everything, right?
Who you were talking to, what you were saying?
For me, it was, “Who’s that, Why are they doing that, Where are they going, Are they your age, How do you know her, Does he still play football, Does his Mom still go weight-watchers, Is….” MOM! STOP!

Sound familiar guys?

What you don’t realize is that your Mom, in that instance, however critical, or “nosey” she may seem, shares similar characteristics to your first employer.
Don’t think they don’t look at what you’re doing online, because, trust me, they do.

Those plastic beer cups on the top of your head on Facebook, those shorts around your ankles in the middle of the street on Twitter, those t-shirts, bras and god knows what else being swung around your head in the early hours of the morning on Instagram.

Oh yeah, they see it.

I’m not saying have a good time. Have an amazing time. Swing whatever you like around your head. But probably not a good idea to upload it on the internet for everyone to see, eh? Because, let’s face it, you wouldn’t do it on your interview day would you? Well… I guess it depends what job you’re after I suppose!

We can talk about your KLOUT score, we can go into massive detail on your digital influence on the world, but that’s not really necessary right now. Your profile is yours, you can do whatever you please, but think, the world is watching you.

Extra tip: Do you want to know what any anonymous user is able to see of your profiles? Open an incognito window and search your name on Google. All the information you can see here, could be seen by anyone including potential employers, clients, etc.!

By Mitch Perry