Perfect preparation for your apprenticeship application

As with any job-related application, guidance is always welcomed. For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of things to consider prior to making your application, to put you on the right track, and prevent you from thinking “What if?”. Hindsight is a horrible thing, so lets ensure that you can submit your application with confidence, with these “5 Top Tips”:

1. Research

It’s of high importance to do your research before anything else to establish what industry you would like to work in, especially if you’re unsure. If you have a keen interest in something in particular such as; sports, marketing, construction and engineering for example, then use these industries as a starting point for your research. Once completed and when you’re satisfied with your findings, ensure that you tailor your application and convey your knowledge and enthusiasm about the industry you wish to work in, the company you’re applying to work for, as well as the role itself.

2. Investigate

Young investigatingBe sure to find out what comes with the package in the apprenticeship you’re applying for, as different employers may offer different training and qualifications (that shall be paid for by your employer), which can allow you to increase your skill set and acquire the required skills to work in various industries. These additional qualifications can also increase your salary, so they’re something worth knowing about.

3. Gain Experience

businesswomaAs with most jobs, employers admire individuals applicants who have work experience. It’s easier said than done to arrange, though it will give you an advantage when attending your interview. Moreover, gaining work experience will allow you to gain an idea as to whether the industry and the associated job roles are for you.

4. Effectively Communicate Previous Experience

ExperienceWhether you have had a full-time, part-time job or no job at all, make sure that you mention all the valuable skills you have learned in your day-to-day activities. Although they can be through employment, your skills can also be acquired through attending sports clubs and participating in other recreational activities i.e. Teamwork and leadership. Mention the ones you feel will be of more value to your potential employer.

5. Practise

Application formIt doesn’t matter how many interviews you have been to before, whether its 10 or none at all, it’s natural to be nervous. One way to calm these nerves is through answering practise questions with a friend, which you feel could be asked in your interview. Although it’s hard to guess what these questions might be, focus on your key strengths and your experience, to give your best answer possible.

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