Augmented Reality – when traditions and technology entwine.

Technology has become a necessity for everyday life. We no longer depend on daily newspapers – we depend on newsfeeds. We no longer depend on weather reports – we depend on navigated devices. We no longer depend on postmen – we depend of delivery receipts. So, what can we expect when we entwine traditions and technology together.

Augmented reality


  • a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.

Augmented reality can be traced back to 1990, when Professor Tom Caudell focused on a project of finding new way to help his company’s engineering process and involve the use or virtual reality. Caudell developed software which displayed the position of certain cabling during construction which made the process much less complex.

And now, without even realising, we view augmented reality on a daily basis, with thanks to software and devices such as green screens, gaming consoles and mobile apps. But since the launch of Google Glass, in a bid to be crowned augmented kings, it seems other organisations are determined to join in the battle.

Here are a few other strong marketing campaigns who have utilised augmented reality;


ModiFace Skin Care Virtulisation

A virtual make-over that powers over 150 web and mobile apps, to virtually trial make-up and products to match and suit your style.

With nearly 50 million downloads, ModiFace certainly got the cosmetic industry talking!


Star Walks

Similar to Google Sky Map, it shows the stars over your head to find constellations and notable stars. Great for stargazers and learning astronomers.



IKEA Catalog

This app features has the ability to superimpose various furniture into your own photographs of your own setting to see how the items would look. You can also scan physical copies of the IKEA catalog to search for it in the app.





Similar to ModiFace, TryLive, allows users to try on glasses, jewellery, clothes, shoes and even customise their homes too, before making the purchase.

Taking “try before you by” to a whole new digital level.




Starbucks Magic Cups

By downloading the Starbucks app, consumers were able to point their mobiles at their Starbucks’ cups in order to view festive animations.


Skoda – Waterloo Station

By using one of Europe’ largest advertising screens Skoda tried to target stressed commuters, inviting them to customise the new Skoda Fabia and showing the results being brought to life on the digital screen.


Super Bowl 2015 – What Brand Came Out On Top?

Whilst it may not be as popular in the UK as it is on the other side of the pond in the US, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest global events of the year. Over 115 million people watch it and of course, it is a huge opportunity for brands.

There were over 28 million tweets last night about the Super Bowl, an increase of just under 4 million from the previous year. For many years, brands would spend millions concentrating all efforts on creating adverts to desperately try and catch the attention of millions across the US.

Times have changed, now faster than the Social Media world is rapidly expanding, social media becoming more popular than ever, brands are now putting their efforts into creating viral pieces of content.
The simple but genius efforts of Oreo in the 2013 Super Bowl was applauded by thousands. Instead of trying to create a highly sophisticated piece of content, Oreo simply jumped onto an event that was happening during the game itself.

The tweet went viral, receiving over 15,000 retweets. The question is, did anybody match Oreo last night? We’ll go through the best and the worst!

One of the most talked about adverts was Nationwide (Not affiliated with the UK bank). Nationwide’s advert had a very dark tone, as the advert itself featured a young boy who dies as a result of an unspecified household accident. Due to the tragic nature, many Twitter users were quite shocked and outraged. Here is one of the most retweeted responses to the advert!

In contrast, the Budweiser “Lost Dog Advert” warmed the hearts of millions. Why you ask? Simple, puppies. The advert was a sequel to the most popular advert of the 2014 Super Bowl with the vice president of Budweiser claiming “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” He was right! The advert was a huge success, the hashtag “#BestBuds” reached over 2.2 million in a day on Twitter! If you want to view the advert, watch it below! Warning, tissues may be needed.

What was your favourite advertisement? Were you not a fan of the Budweiser advert? Do you think Nationwide’s advert was the most powerful in Super Bowl history? Tweet us your thoughts at @UKLinkedIn!

The Best Of #FoxNewsFacts

On late Sunday night, Fox News created quite an uproar in Birmingham. Why, you ask? Well, here is why. Terrorist ‘expert’ Steve Emerson claimed that, “there are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim where non-Muslims just simply don’t go in.” The people of Birmingham simultaneously put their head in their hands. It was a comment which outraged many including the Prime Minister, David Cameron who described Emerson as a “complete idiot”. However, after the initial anger and outrage, many Twitter users united. United against stupidity.

It is fair to say that Steve’s comments went viral. This was followed up by a hashtag #FoxNewsFacts. #FoxNewsFacts was a hashtag that many Twitter’s users used to respond to Emerson’s claims in the form of sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek tweets. Here are our favourite’s, starting off with the Bullring.

Followed up by an image of a local sports rivalry.

And last but not least, a cartoon which depicts newly named places in Birmingham.

Steve Emerson will no doubt be regretting the comments he has made and he has very generously donated £500 to Birmingham’s Children Hospital. However, this incident goes to show that making ill-informed comments live on worldwide television, in this digital world, can cost you dearly.

Long Jump Social Media

Optimal Lengths for Social Media Content

In recent years, as time continues to tick, traditional media is being neglected as digital media comes into prominence. Given that the power of the internet allows all users to become authors, use of the digital space is adopted more so by individuals and organisations alike. One of the great benefits of creating digital content, is that the limitations such as: how much space is left on a page? Are too many images included? Is the text too small, are completely non-existent. However, with that being said, there’s no question that there are digital principles in place that need to be taken into consideration when posting on social media.

As such, it’s important to see in the eyes of your target audience and contemplate whether you’d be interested in listening, reading or watching a piece of content that is too long. Ask yourself one question, ‘will I get bored half way through?’ and be honest with yourself, even if it was yourself that created the content. To make things seem more straight forward, here are some valuable guidelines to abide by, when creating different forms of content on social media platforms:

Character count

  • Tweets – 71-100 [Tweets including this number of characters can produce 17% higher engagement)
  • > Facebook – 40 [Posts including 40 characters can gain up to 86% higher engagement than those with more characters]
  • > Google+ – 60 [The first line of the main content must grab the reads attention, if the headline can not fit on one line – to ensure content is read]
  • > Paragraphs – 40-55 [Larger fonts in opening paragraphs entices the reader and allows them too jump to the section in which they find of most interest]
  • > URL Domains –  8 [Be sure to keep domains short, sweet, easy to spell and read. Numbers and symbols should be avoided and URL’s should end in .com, preferably]
  • > Hashtags (#) – 6 [Ensure that the use of slang, number and spaces are limited, unless they’re appropriate and necessary to your campaign]
  • > Email subject lines – 28-39 [Email subject lines receive a higher open rate than those of a higher character count]
  • > Title Tags – 55 [Be wary that titles that exceed this limitation will be shortened with an ellipsis]

Word Count

  • > Blog Title – 6 [Readers tend to read the first and last 3 words within a title, so whatever you decide to choose as your blog title, make sure it packs punch!]
  • > LinkedIn Post – 25 [When marketing to businesses aim to contain 16-25 words. However, if marketing to consumers, aim for 21-25 words, to encourage shares]
  • > Blog Post – 1,600 [74% of posts are read that take approx. 3 minutes long and 94% are under 6 minutes]

Number of Minutes

  • > YouTube –  3 [The shorter the better. On average, the top 50 videos on the platform last 3 minutes]
  • > Podcasts – 22 [Listeners tend to stay engaged for 22 minutes. Take into consideration the audience’s varied attention spans]
  • > Ted Talks – 18 [Based on the threshold given by Ted Talks – max. of 18 minutes – and varied attention spans, this amount of time is deemed adequate]
  • > Slideshare – 6 [With abiding by good presentation rules and including a engaging design, when including multiple slides, presentations need to be no longer than 6 minutes]

(Original source)

Social media reaction to the World Cup final!

You don’t have to be the biggest football fan in the world to realise the 2014 World Cup was one of the biggest events ever on Social Media. Many brands spent millions upon millions on their advertising campaigns on Social Media for the World Cup, some successful, some not so. But how did social media react to the World Cup final? This is how Twitter reacted when Mario Gotze scored the winner!

You would of had to be living under a rock for the past 24 hours to of not heard that Germany are world champions again! Many German brands jumped on this as soon as it happened as they saw it was a great time to post. Here is our favourite!

As you can see, this tweet has over 13,000 retweets! Pretty remarkable isn’t it? Other big brands such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz came up with some pretty cool visual designs which you can see below. However their tweets haven’t been as successful as the Lufthansa airline tweet!

But what social media records were broken during the whole course of this World Cup? Well for starters, the Brazil vs Germany game was tweeted about 36.1 MILLION times! Astonishing right? Well, how about this then… When Germany won the World Cup yesterday, there was 618,725 tweets EVERY MINUTE! Records are there to be broken and this World Cup has done that! What was your favourite World Cup marketing campaign? Tell us in the comments below!

LinkedIn New Profile Update

Looks familiar doesn’t it?


blog postssss


LinkedIn has rolled out it’s new profile redesign update to it’s premium users and it has striking similarities to Twitter’s new profile look. However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! As a result of the update, premium users now have the opportunity to choose their own cover photo. This can either be their own or they can use the header images LinkedIn provided. Pretty cool eh? Now LinkedIn profiles look a lot more visually appealing!  The only bad news is that non-premium users will have to play the waiting game as it will be a few months till they can have cover photos!




Whilst this is all great news that LinkedIn has made attempts to make their users profiles look a bit more appealing, the downside is that it comes at a cost. This cost is slightly lower now as a result of LinkedIn introducing a new, cheaper membership option called “Premium Spotlight”. However, the issue still remains, many users will feel they are paying for an update which you can get for free on different social networks.


What do you think of the new update? Love it or hate it?  And are you tempted to buy premium spotlight? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

The Best Brands On Snapchat!

The Best Brands On Snapchat!

16 Handles was the first brand to start a marketing campaign on Snapchat in January 2013, which at the time was groundbreaking. This campaign involved sending a Snapchat image of yourself tasting yogurt on-site to the company’s Snapchat account. As a result of doing this, 16 Handles would then automatically send a Snapchat image of a coupon back to your account. Finally, you would have to wait to open the snap containing the coupon until you were at the register and ready to redeem it — because when the image was opened, it would automatically delete itself 10 seconds later.  

This is who we think our top brands are on Snapchat! Do you think any brands are missing? Tell us which ones!

Understanding The Benefits Of LinkedIn


LinkedIn- Why is it important?

It is true that over 272 million people are current on LinkedIn, however I feel there is a large proportion of people that aren’t spending enough time on the Platform. There are many profiles without profile pictures, relevant information or any recommendation and endorsements. Many of you might be thinking well I have a job, so why do I need LinkedIn. However the power of the Platform is growing. To be seen as a professional company not only does your company page need to look professional but also your personal profiles need to reflect on the company information. So there are some factors you may want to consider.


The Professional Networking Site

LinkedIn unlike other platforms like to be known as a ‘Professional Networking site’, rather than a ‘Social Network’. It appeals to professional who would like to connect and link themselves with other professionals within their industries. Individuals come onto the platform for strictly businesses, whilst many senior professionals fail to take likes of Twitter and Facebook seriously, LinkedIn provides them the perfect answer to Networking online ‘The Professional Networking Site’.

Connecting with Professionals

LinkedIn’s main purpose is to connect with people within the same Industry or similar interest, this could have many benefits. You may have questions about your sector which you can share with connections and they will then help you. You can also connect with potential clients. Connections also allow you to find out about networking events that will take which will place allow you to meet new people and potential clients.

Promote Yourself

Whether you have a job or not updating your Professional Profiles can bring many different opportunities. Your LinkedIn profile is like your online resume, it can help you find a new job or just simply promote your accomplishments. If you’re a business or a sole trader you can promote yourself and your business.

LinkedIn Groups

Joining groups is a great way to engage with users, share ideas and learn new things. It is a way to get you out there and seen, it is also a great way to gain knowledge and understand things better. It is great places to find connections that could be of business benefit in the future.


I would be scanning through Google previously to find out news and articles about brands and leaders I was interested in but now I can read stories and articles on LinkedIn shared by high-profile figures like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Sir Richard Branson and many more.  Since signing up to LinkedIn I have been able to keep up more with current affairs that impact the industry that I am in.

Do you know 95% of LinkedIn users aren’t utilizing its full potential. Gain 5 to 10 leads a week using our proven formula, attend our workshop delivered by No1 LinkedIn expert – Mark Hamilton Taylor, click here to see more details.

Top Ways to Engage on Social Media

You Have to be Extraordinary

To be seen or heard.  With so many people on social platforms and every company trying to take advantage of the pool of data that is out there, you can no longer just post and hope to get attention.  Businesses have to start thinking outside the box to be creative and more engaging than ever before. Seth Godin made a point about how no one pays attention to the cow, however if the cow was purple everyone would notice it and in today’s environment most likely tweet it.

See how you stand out?

Create Content Which Isn’t Always Asking Your Customer to Buy

Everyone is trying to sell you something somewhere so build relationship through content which then allows users to engage. Examples like competitions, getting users to comment and share.

We Read and See What we Want to Read and See

We get 100’s of emails and see 1000’s of pieces of content each day.  Ask yourself, what do you read? What gets noticed?  The simple answer is you read what you like and what you’re interested in.  The rest of it gets thrown in a virtual trash can.

Social Listening Might be the Answer 

Listen to what your target audience is talking about, get involved in conversations, respond to their tweets and by doing this join into the conversation. Hyatt Concierge (@HyattConcierge) are a brilliant example of this method being put into place, Hyatt would pick a comment you made about a place up and join in on the conversation.  This builds engagement, trust and then finally drives relationships.

Reduce the Barriers of Entry

Successful marketing is about reducing barriers to entry for customers, the easier it is for customers to click buy, the more likely they will be to make an impulsive purchase.

Respond to Content you Create

So many companies create great content, but then fail to follow through with the engagement. After you have posted something great you have to continue the communication when users comment. If you are only posting content it looks like it’s being done for no reason, however responding to the discussions makes it a far more engaging post and has a higher chance of going viral.

Stop Selling Start Thanking

Posting and advertising isn’t just about selling, SMA Milk recently realised a TV advert which told mums what a great job they do. There was no sales pitch in the ad it wasn’t tells mums to go and buy SMA, it was just telling mums that they do a great job. This then connected mothers to SMA.


Here at Social Media Buz we create exciting content which catches attention, we engage with people in real time, allow clients to generate leads and improve ROI. There is no time to hold a board meeting in when someone tweets something; you have to be creative yet fast. Have a chat with us today about how we can help grow your Social Media Platforms.

What do you think the best way to engage with our audience is please leave comments behind and do not for get to share this blog?

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How to Promote an Event Using Social Media

To start off with you should NEVER wait until the last minute to start promoting your event. If you do you will find yourself being rushed and over promoting which can be a massive turn off to fans and followers.

Depending on the size and reach of your event you need to start early enough that you can start teasing the event and all its benefits. Typically starting no later than a month in advance for smaller events (under 50 attendees).

Click for LinkedIn Company Page.

Click for LinkedIn Company Page.

Create a Hashtag:

One of the main things to consider is to create a hashtag (#).

Hashtags are everywhere and I mean everywhere you go! They are on all of the major social media platforms (excluding LinkedIn).

Why should you use a Hashtag for an Event?

As a marketing specialist, you are putting on all kinds of events to show your expertise and acquire new clients! It’s time to use hashtags to increase awareness and the visibility of your events.

By including a hashtag in your promotions, commentary, and post-event thank yous, you’re not only pulling a conversation together, but you’re also making it easy for people to find photos and increasing engagement.

Choosing a Hashtag:

Unique: Search Twitter for the hashtag you have in mind. If it has been used recently, you will need to rethink it. If not, take it!

Short: Remember, on Twitter you only have 140 characters to use. Because that’s where most of the conversation will be taking place, you need to make sure to keep your hashtag short.

Related: Your hashtag should reflect your event.

Memorable: You want your attendees to use this hashtag when they are talking about your event. This means that you want them to be able to remember what hashtag is associated with the event, without them having to try and find it every time they want to talk about your event.

What to Send Out:

  • Teasers
  • Articles
  • Tips
  • Short post that answer a question, address the class/event topic or give insight into the type of information that will be presented at the event.

Focus on what is in it for the attendees and what the key takeaways they should expect to receive from attending this event, promoting an event is all about adding value to others, nobody is going to turn up to it if people aren’t going to be able to get something from it.

Pushing the Event:

  • Offering an early bird ticket price for those who take advantage of buying tickets early.
  • Create an event page on your website. No matter how you sell your tickets you should always have a well optimized event landing page right on your website. It should be easy to navigate and very easy to purchase tickets from.
  • Create a short promotional video for your event. Talk about the benefits of attending and the perks of signing up early. What is your event all about etc. Don’t come off too sales’ or promotional.
  • Remember you are trying to get people to see the benefit to them in attending.
  • If you are hosting a larger event with more than a few speakers, consider interviewing them and posting clips to your event page, social media and in your email marketing.
  • Make your event page, ticket sales, videos, and other content share able  across all the major social networks. Make sure that after someone purchases their ticket they are able to share that information on Twitter, Facebook and beyond.

After the Event:

  • Track everything – It is vital to make sure that you track a lot of different things after the event e.g. How many people used the hashtag, how many interactions and mentions you received, see how much reach that night got by using a Third-Party Application such as TweetReach.
  • Report – Put together a document of all of the statistics from tracking it, this way you can show the success of your event also use it as feedback to improve for your next event.
  • Try and finish of replying to all people who engaged with you.
  • Thank all attendees for coming.
  • Continue uploading videos and photos from the event, also share other peoples photos and @ them in.

Final Thing to Think About:

Don’t over promote, just because you have an event to promote does not mean that is all you should be using your online influence for. If you push too hard your fans/followers/customers will get frustrated and annoyed. Remember you are trying to excite and entice not annoy.