Instafax: the new BBC news system on Instagram

InstafaxJust goes to show how much individuals depend on social media that the BBC is testing a new way of distributing short 3-15 second videos. Sharing with the world vital news straight as it happens. It’s a new service called Instafax which uses Instagram to share videos and other news related events that accures. The BBC thought it’s a clever and unique way to have the news straight as it happens easily consumed by people on the go.

It could be a disaster or it could be a success yet saying that however, the experimental service looks to have taken its first steps online today. As it’s new to the social media spectrum yet to release a quick 3-15 second video clips. It provides short concise summaries of the most relevant facts of multifaceted new stories in an quick and easy way to understand. It’s a clever way for the BBC to resort to 3-15 quick videos as it grabs your attention better and it would encourage more traffic towards their website to read the full story.

What happens with the engagement?

Yet having said that, with their official Instagram profile they’ve got 5,529 followers, with a following of nothing so straight away you feel the follow ratio is great. However it’s not gaining massive engagement on each clip that’s been uploaded only gaining 50 likes or 80 likes for any other user it would be a great starting tool, yet if they want more people to keep up-to-date they have to make it more engaging for everyone. That being said going by their engagement from their followers it’s only 1% of their followers actually liking their content they’re sharing. The BBC has always been the main face of quick important news for everyone I can see why they are focussing on a popular social media platform like Instagram to gain more of an increase in appreciation in news and culture.

By Liam O’Leary