ALDI Tweet

How Aldi were the most successful supermarket on Black Friday!

Whilst Tesco and ASDA were preparing for the inevitable stampede of people on Black Friday, one supermarket in the UK produced a marketing masterclass last Friday and in the process, it also stung its competitors. It was pure and simple, Aldi took advantage of a live event similar to what Oreo did during the 2013 Super Bowl. “We did Black Friday last week, we call it ‘Friday’.”


Aldi combined their business and a live event to create one of the most popular tweets of 2014 and has helped their brand awareness significantly.  This was a clear potshot at their rivals and it worked superbly, as the tweet gained over 1,600 retweets and over 1,000 favourites. It also impressed their followers as many of them commended for their “first class marketing” and that they love their social media!



Will Tesco and ASDA take inspiration from Aldi? It is clear that Aldi came out on top after Black Friday in a brand sense. Aldi were highly praised for their social media performance in contrast to the images coming out of ASDA & Tesco stores across the country which you could describe simply as chaotic. It is safe to say that your brand will not appear as family friendly as it used to be as a result of the general public fighting for cut price televisions on your premises. Whilst ASDA & Tesco may of went from red to black,  the real winner of Black Friday was Aldi!