10 Attributes of a great copywriter

The art of copywriting can be easier for some then others, though it is a great skill to have. If you have a vast amount of experience in writing essays, letters or blogs, you may find it an easier task than others. However, for those who may not write often, but have a keen interest in becoming a copywriter and wanting to improve their writing skills, here are 10 attributes of great copywriters that employers would look to hire;

1. Vocabulary

Not only does this relate to knowing big-complex words, it’s also based on being aware of the definitions for the words used. Also, being aware of (and using) various synonyms is also a great skill to have.

2. Passion

Like everything else, if you have a passion for what you’re doing you can do well and a passion for writing can be acknowledged through very-well written articles.

3. Precision

The ability to use grammar efficiently and effectively – The devil is in the details of grammar, punctuation and style. From sloppy copywriting, readers presume a sloppy author (aka – your company).

4. Self-editing

A good copywriter knows when their own ideas/writing can be improved upon and are not arrogant when it comes to making changes. Arrogance and stubbornness can reduce quality.

5. Know the rules

When referring to punctuation, grammar & style, they’re are set rules that writers must abide by. As correctness and consistency are of high important, good writers are aware of the rules that govern their form/style of writing.

6. Knows SEO

Although copywriters do not need a vast amount of SEO knowledge, it’s beneficial to know the fundamental basics such as: keywords & anchor text structures. SEO matters most within text, headlines, subheads, meta titles and descriptions.

7. Tells stories

Whereas trends may have differed beforehand, storytelling has now come into prominence again. In terms of content strategies, the ability to create meaningful and engaging stories about a brand and its products or services is deemed favourable than marketing in other forms. The ability to spin yarns is essential for case studies, landing pages, slide presentations and videos for example.

8. Listens

Listening is imperative to multiple aspects of business. As such, listening can aid content creation, as it’s the best way to understand the needs of a company’s leadership and its customers.

9. Understands the business world

Presumably and understandably so, writers can put together great articles about topics they know about. Thus, exceptional copywriters are wary of customer behaviour, the business process and basic business concepts such as features and benefits.

10. Has a sense of humour

Transferring your sense of humour into your writing can allow content to connect and engage more so, as the content itself can feel more ‘personal’ to readers. The ability to do so also prevents the threat of readers becoming bored, half way through reading the text.


#SocialBrum: Strategic Growth Through Social Media Seminar – The Review!

On Thursday 9th October, Birmingham got social! After forming an alliance with the Mockingbird Theatre in the Custard Factory, we hosted a free seminar based on 'Strategic Growth through Social Media' in partnership with the great 200 leaders, which turned out to be a great success. From having experience in hosting events of this nature, a thoroughly planned session was delivered, with our attendees interacting and engaging with each other, online and off. This resulted in all of the attendees leaving with a smile on their face, as well as a wealth of knowledge about social media in relation to creating organic growth.

During the seminar we decided to run a experiment, using the hashtag #SocialBrum. In turn this provided an effective visual representation, demonstrating how powerful social media can be in terms of generating exposure and leveraging online commercial opportunities. As such, the results were staggering and most importantly, impressive! Over the course of the morning and early into the afternoon we were able to identify that we achieved 1,000,000+ (update: 2,000,000+) impressions through the use of - and that number is still rising!

Over the course of the seminar, there were many lessons to be learnt however, here are some of the top tweets posted by our attendees, which you can learn from:

Are you targeting the right audience with your #socialmedia? Great morning-thank you @No1socialmedia #SocialBrum

My Experience as an Apprentice

Now, I’m sure you all know that stage where you can’t find a job?

Or even the stage where you have had enough of your job and want a new one?


Well that was the position I was in.

When I first worked in retail and yeah it’s okay and everything and a great way of earning some extra money whilst at college, but I was just so bored of leaving college at 3:30 on a weekday then having to be at work 5-9. I know it’s only 4 hours but it’s one of those where you just don’t want to go, the journey there is horrible and that feeling you get just before you walk in, I’m sure you have all experienced that.

Swiftly moving on, I remember coming home and my mom had mentioned starting an apprenticeship and I thought I’d do a little research, anyhow I went to the Sunemployment Roadshow in Edgbaston and the only thing I was interested in was the apprenticeship scheme, I loved the fact that you can get paid for learning. I’ve always stuck by the quote “Find a job you like and you’ll never have to work a day in your life” I have stuck by this quote ever since I came across it. I registered on the apprenticeship website and applied for multiple positions and I had an interview for a graphic design company, I was really happy that I got an interview but something just didn’t feel right at all. I went for the interview and I thought it went really well, but it didn’t as I didn’t get a second interview.

The other apprenticeships I applied for were other graphics design positions and also a social media apprentice. At the time I wasn’t’t really concerned which one I got as I just wanted a change and I wanted something to kick start my career of. I got a screening for the social media position and I was psyched that I got it. Anyway, I had the screening and it went really well, I was nervous but on the other hand I had a really good feeling. I got a call back and they asked me to come for a proper interview, I was over the moon. When the date arrived I went for the interview, turned up nearly half an hour early and you know that feeling where you’re waiting for your interview? Time goes by insanely slow. Moving on, I got a call on the 15th August 2013 and I got the job, the start date was the 19th and I was so happy.

When I started I literally had no idea what social media even meant, all I could think of was Twitter & Facebook… I was wrong… Very wrong. Social media isn’t just ticking boxes it’s a way of doing business.

And to this day I have learnt so much, I have built my LinkedIn profile, generated leads and I even have my own business cards. Now I never would have thought that I would have even had my own business cards let alone my own desk. An apprenticeship has made me understand and even realise the advantages of doing an apprenticeship scheme, referring back to my quote “Find a job you like and you’ll never have to work a day in your life” I don’t work a day in my life, this isn’t a 9-5 job, it’s a lifestyle and I love what I do. I chose this route over university and boy am I glad I did. The difference between university is, at university you pay to learn where as an apprenticeship scheme you get paid to learn…  in an apprentice you get a qualification and an 85% chance that you will stay in employment and also a 64% chance that you will stay with your current employer. Whereas at university you have a 50% chance of getting a job in something that you have a degree in… Now that’s silly… You pay to learn something for 2-4 years at university and you have a 50% chance of getting a job, or you can start an apprentice like I did and not know anything about it all, and you can get paid for it…

That’s why I chose an apprenticeship.

If you would like to follow the path I took, there are 10 social media apprenticeships available now in Birmingham. For more information please click here.

By Luke Priest

How To Build You Profile on LinkedIn [Infographic]

LinkedIn is the most popular social networking platform for business professionals. There are endless opportunities to help you succeed in the professional world, from motivational articles to new career opportunities, you can find it all on LinkedIn. Whether you are new member or a veteran you should always be updating your profile and if you haven’t touched it in months, now is the time to step up and give your profile a makeover! But what makes a perfect profile? I have put together a few tips for your to revamp your professional profiles and be the new, digital you!


By Heather Wong

Top 10 Infographics That I Have Come Across

Over the weekend, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed on my phone and noticed quite a lot of Infographics that people were sharing,  when I arrived home I just had to get them up on the computer to get a better view and I was truly blown away. I’m a HUGE fan of Infographics and the more I see them, the more I fall in love with them. I collated a top 10 and here are the results.



This has to be one of my favourite infographics I have ever come across, I think it has a very sleek professional look to it, including facts on why B2B companies invest into social media, which social media platforms these type of companies use, it also covers the top industries currently on LinkedIn and B2B content marketing realities.



This is more focused on the statistics of all the social media platforms, it covers the amount of users, the gender percentages and many other facts, take a read.


This one is more aimed at statistic (everybody loves statistics) running through what devices are striving forward with social media platforms and which countries have the most users.

4. Untitled-4

This infographic is from Huffington Post, going through which platforms marketers’ use and how many posts are posted each day on each of the platforms.


This infographics main aim is on Twitter, going through all the numbers behind it. It shows us which user has the most followers and who is tweeting the most. The best #’s that get the most interactions. Even though some of the statistics are a little bit off as Katy Perry ‘roar’s’ past Justin Bieber gaining the No.1 spot for most followers, it is still an incredible infographic.

6. Untitled-6

This one goes through the state of social media. “These statistics will settle your superstitions about the effects social media marketing is having on its users” including marketing facts and how they use platforms.

7. Untitled-7

The infographic is from the social media week powered by Nokia during the week of February 18-22. Even though the facts are mainly aimed at what went on during that week but this infographic shows what can be achieved in one week.


This one focuses on social media marketing, it has 14 facts on marketing, and I quite like this one as it focuses on the “flight” of marketing in 2013. Overall, I think that the design is beautiful and it really does catch your eye.

9. Untitled-9

This infographic is about the way that word of mouth influences marketers. Personally, I feel that word of mouth marketing is revolutionary, it is a way This one also focuses on small little statistics that’ll draw you in.


Last but not least this infographic ask the question how social is B2B? and also including statistics that’ll help and potentially change the way that your business works.

By Luke Priest

How To Use Instagram To Grow Your Business


With 100 million monthly users, 40 million posts per day, and a staggering 1,000 comment per second, Instagram has established itself as the most visual social media platform. With most of its users between the age of 18-24 Instagram is predominantly used by a younger audience. The aim of the Slideshare is to show people how business can use this particular social media platform to grow their business.

[slideshare id=27806407&style=border-style: solid; border-color: #cccccc; border-bottom-width: 0px; margin-bottom: 5px;&sc=no]

5 Tips On Using Social Media To Land That Dream Job [Infographic]

I recently watched ‘The Start Up Kids’, a documentary about young entrepreneurs and their journeys to evolving their companies. There was one guy that stood out to me, Brian Wong.

He is one of the founders of ‘Kiip’ a mobile network in which you can gain real rewards for virtual achievements.

He is also the youngest person ever to receive venture capital funding, beating Mark Zuckerberg by a year! In his interview he says how he started off by emailing and how with the use of this was able to reach the unreachable. Wong got the attention of people who without social platforms would not have been able to get in contact with and through hard work and dedication, Wong eventually got offered a job. I think this just goes to show the importance of social media.

Did you know 94% of recruiters rely on social media for their process? In this day and age, it is vital whether we are contacting old friends or reaching out for that new golden opportunity, the world is now at your fingertips. As Wong said, ‘This is the Culture of Listening’ with this in mind Wong has inspired me to share with you my top 5 tips on using social media to land that dream job.


JOB1 copyJOB5 JOB4 JOB2 copy

By Heather Wong

Five Vine Ideas For Businesses


If you’re a business owner and someone says ‘Vine’ to you, what is the first thing that enters your head? A video sharing platform, a fad for teenagers or an opportunity for you to get you’re business across to customers?We know that it probably seems that vine is just for teenagers to share videos of themselves doing funny things, but that’s where you’re wrong.

Here are five vine ideas for businesses :

1) Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes, Why not make a video showing your audience what goes on behind the scenes of your business, in other words video what goes on in the warehouse or factory where your product is made, this will make the customers feel more involved with your company


The Weather Channel Vine

2) Big announcements

Vine can also be a very good way of getting important information across such as upcoming events, changes to your business and all the other exciting news you may have! Using the weeks leading up to the big announcement to build up anticipation is a great way of getting your announcement more attention.


Taco Bell Announcement Vine

3) Competitions

Holding competitions on vine for your audience is also a good way of interacting with them, it allows them to feel part of your business by getting them involved and asking them to post videos.


John Lewis Insurance – What Matters Competition

4) Testimonials

When visiting a social event or occasion where several of your customers are attending why not ask them to do do a short testimonial on vine for you, not only does this get customers involved but it also shows that your care about what your customers think.


Adidas Messi Unboxing Vine

5) Have Fun

Its not all about selling your products or your brand, making short funny movies of you doing funny stuff (playing stack’em with your product) or making short videos with your products,  this ensures that you company are still promoting your products but in a more approachable way.


Dunkin’ Doughnuts Vine

By Zoe Creswell

5 Types Of Blog Posts That Will Promote Engagement


1. The did you know post

Blogs always try to hit you with an amazing new fact or bit of information that they think no one else in the world has heard before!
E.g. Did you that that Wednesday comes after Tuesday!
And you have to try and make out that you are totally blown away by this next exciting fact that you have just saw.
Come on! We all know that this is just a plea to try and get the viewer to carry on looking at the ret of your blog. If they succeeded then you fell for it!

2. The issue post

A lot of blogs take the oppositional view, just to get some kind of interaction from viewers.
E.g. Margret Thatcher was an amazing Prime-Minister and done great things for the country.
This is a highly controversial topic and is likely to get people to argue against it. This is one great way to get people to talk on your blog. But the things they might be saying, is something you might not be too fond of!

3. The question post

Ask your blog some questions!
If you want to get someone to talk in a normal conversation, you’d usually ask them a question because you want to hear some answers. It should be no different in a blog. You are trying to get people to talk on it, you want interaction, you want engagement, and you want people to be talking about it. What greater way is there than to ask questions to your audience and receive some answers!

4. The top 100 list

Everyone loves a good list! Whether it is a list of the best looking celebrities, or the best football players of all time!
When we look at top 100 lists we all go from the worst to the best, and we do take note. And there is always a talking point in there. Tulisa Contostavlos was a massive talking point last year when she got voted sexiest woman of the year. Likewise, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is always a massive talking point amongst sports fans of who is the best. So there is always an element of debate which is exactly what you want when you are trying to attract engagement.

5. The giveaway post

People of the UK love a freebee. In fact, scrap that, everyone loves a freebee. Whether that is moisturiser or a little spray of aftershave, if it’s free, we’re there!
We’re are instantly more attracted to a magazine if it’s in a plastic case and you can see that there something in there that you get free. Even if you are not the slightest bit interested in what the magazine or about, or interested in what the free item actually is, we are 100% more drawn to it if we know we are going to take it home having not paid for it.

By Mitchell Perry