Beginners Guide To Social Media For Business


How often do you hear about something “online”? Or how often do you look around to see somebody in the street or on the train on their phones networking their friends “online”? Now take a moment to realise the online world is physically nothing but yet it theoretically holds everything? Weird huh? And you question how your business can make an impact on just one of the billions of sites out there if you’re only just starting up? Well you can. So here’s just a couple tips to help you out.

You’re not going to get far if its all about you

If you’re only posting content about your own business and possibly yourself then consumers aren’t going to be willing to take time out of their day to read about you. Share other peoples content. By sharing other peoples content and showing interest then they will most likely be intrigued to know about what you do. This way you will build a brand and an audience who are more likely to trust you and your business.

Know your audience.

Lets face it, you wouldn’t go to France and try to speak fluent French, so why would you try to sell when you have no idea who its too? In other words you may as well be speaking a different language. You’ve got to make sure you know every spot of information you can, because you can’t expect to find an audience if you don’t know the product or service you’re offering. Therefore, you have to believe in it as much as you would expect somebody else too.

You can’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Just because you use Twitter does not mean you’re the next Alan Sugar. Yes, Twitter is a brilliant tool for creating new leads and is used every day to engage with customers and to even sell, BUT its just a fragment of the social media world. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, jeez, the list is never ending! All offering the opportunity for you to create an impact and have your own say in the online social media world. So why limit yourself to just one or two? Jump on the bandwagon and make yourself known to everybody, it’s also great to be on the new and somewhat small social network platforms, because before you know it, it could blow up and be the next big thing, and if you’re on it from the start, you’re already making yourself look more credible.


You won’t make the magic happen by just sitting and waiting, you have to post, and regularly at that! You should be posting daily, on all of your profiles, even if the content is similar, as long as its relative and appropriate, you can’t really go wrong. But please do us all a favour and keep it concise, nobody wants to read for twenty minutes all about a toothpaste!

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By Georgia Tims