Social Media Controversy – The Case of ‘Misogynistic’ Men’s Health Magazine

On the 6th October the male-orientated global magazine Men’s Health generated high levels of interactivity on Twitter… but for all the wrong reasons. After posting an update that reads “She sees the game differently than you. Here’s how, and what to do about it:” the extended online community hit back almost immediately. Although, the tweet was intentionally posted to provide humour to the male audience, the humour was very short lived. Approximately 4,800 posts mentioning @MensHealthMag were sent (according to Topsy) and some of these responses included some strong points of view... here are some examples:

In the aftermath the magazine apologised for their mistake and responded by saying “It wasn’t meant to suggest that women are in any way inferior to men, in sports, or anything else. But … we’re sorry that it did” - However, something of this magnitude that has produced a high level of interactivity, will not be forgotten overnight. The story continues to be circulated across multiple social media platforms, and made visible to a wider audience, as the power of social media prevails. Without question, Men's Health have big regrets, so how can we learn from their mistake? Here are some pointers to take into consideration:

  1. Never under-estimate the power of social media
  2. Always take into account that posts can be seen by a global audience and not just your target market
  3. All messages are open to interpretation and perceived differently by others. Therefore, always read over the text in your posts prior to publishing, to protect your brand image.