The Best Of #FoxNewsFacts

On late Sunday night, Fox News created quite an uproar in Birmingham. Why, you ask? Well, here is why. Terrorist ‘expert’ Steve Emerson claimed that, “there are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim where non-Muslims just simply don’t go in.” The people of Birmingham simultaneously put their head in their hands. It was a comment which outraged many including the Prime Minister, David Cameron who described Emerson as a “complete idiot”. However, after the initial anger and outrage, many Twitter users united. United against stupidity.

It is fair to say that Steve’s comments went viral. This was followed up by a hashtag #FoxNewsFacts. #FoxNewsFacts was a hashtag that many Twitter’s users used to respond to Emerson’s claims in the form of sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek tweets. Here are our favourite’s, starting off with the Bullring.

Followed up by an image of a local sports rivalry.

And last but not least, a cartoon which depicts newly named places in Birmingham.

Steve Emerson will no doubt be regretting the comments he has made and he has very generously donated £500 to Birmingham’s Children Hospital. However, this incident goes to show that making ill-informed comments live on worldwide television, in this digital world, can cost you dearly.

ALDI Tweet

How Aldi were the most successful supermarket on Black Friday!

Whilst Tesco and ASDA were preparing for the inevitable stampede of people on Black Friday, one supermarket in the UK produced a marketing masterclass last Friday and in the process, it also stung its competitors. It was pure and simple, Aldi took advantage of a live event similar to what Oreo did during the 2013 Super Bowl. “We did Black Friday last week, we call it ‘Friday’.”


Aldi combined their business and a live event to create one of the most popular tweets of 2014 and has helped their brand awareness significantly.  This was a clear potshot at their rivals and it worked superbly, as the tweet gained over 1,600 retweets and over 1,000 favourites. It also impressed their followers as many of them commended for their “first class marketing” and that they love their social media!



Will Tesco and ASDA take inspiration from Aldi? It is clear that Aldi came out on top after Black Friday in a brand sense. Aldi were highly praised for their social media performance in contrast to the images coming out of ASDA & Tesco stores across the country which you could describe simply as chaotic. It is safe to say that your brand will not appear as family friendly as it used to be as a result of the general public fighting for cut price televisions on your premises. Whilst ASDA & Tesco may of went from red to black,  the real winner of Black Friday was Aldi!




#SocialBrum: Strategic Growth Through Social Media Seminar – The Review!

On Thursday 9th October, Birmingham got social! After forming an alliance with the Mockingbird Theatre in the Custard Factory, we hosted a free seminar based on 'Strategic Growth through Social Media' in partnership with the great 200 leaders, which turned out to be a great success. From having experience in hosting events of this nature, a thoroughly planned session was delivered, with our attendees interacting and engaging with each other, online and off. This resulted in all of the attendees leaving with a smile on their face, as well as a wealth of knowledge about social media in relation to creating organic growth.

During the seminar we decided to run a experiment, using the hashtag #SocialBrum. In turn this provided an effective visual representation, demonstrating how powerful social media can be in terms of generating exposure and leveraging online commercial opportunities. As such, the results were staggering and most importantly, impressive! Over the course of the morning and early into the afternoon we were able to identify that we achieved 1,000,000+ (update: 2,000,000+) impressions through the use of - and that number is still rising!

Over the course of the seminar, there were many lessons to be learnt however, here are some of the top tweets posted by our attendees, which you can learn from:

Are you targeting the right audience with your #socialmedia? Great morning-thank you @No1socialmedia #SocialBrum

Social Media Controversy – The Case of ‘Misogynistic’ Men’s Health Magazine

On the 6th October the male-orientated global magazine Men’s Health generated high levels of interactivity on Twitter… but for all the wrong reasons. After posting an update that reads “She sees the game differently than you. Here’s how, and what to do about it:” the extended online community hit back almost immediately. Although, the tweet was intentionally posted to provide humour to the male audience, the humour was very short lived. Approximately 4,800 posts mentioning @MensHealthMag were sent (according to Topsy) and some of these responses included some strong points of view... here are some examples:

In the aftermath the magazine apologised for their mistake and responded by saying “It wasn’t meant to suggest that women are in any way inferior to men, in sports, or anything else. But … we’re sorry that it did” - However, something of this magnitude that has produced a high level of interactivity, will not be forgotten overnight. The story continues to be circulated across multiple social media platforms, and made visible to a wider audience, as the power of social media prevails. Without question, Men's Health have big regrets, so how can we learn from their mistake? Here are some pointers to take into consideration:

  1. Never under-estimate the power of social media
  2. Always take into account that posts can be seen by a global audience and not just your target market
  3. All messages are open to interpretation and perceived differently by others. Therefore, always read over the text in your posts prior to publishing, to protect your brand image.

6 Important Steps & Reasons To Start Blogging!

Formerly known as a “weblog”, blogs today in modern society tend to rival mainstream media and with the introduction of numerous social media platforms, there’s no wonder as to why. Blogging is a great social tool that allows individuals to produce content, which can be created in the aim of educating targeted audiences, among other purposes also. When content is produced and deemed credible, with significant value to a reader, active participants and members of multiple social networks are encouraged to share and leverage articles to extended online networks. As such, why is it so important for businesses embrace the art of Blogging? Here are 6 essential reasons;

  1. Set up a Blog

    Companies that blog get 55% more web traffic and 70% more leads than those that don’t. Blogging is a great way there is to reach your target audience with the useful, educational information they’re out there looking for. Not to mention how much it helps your search rankings.

  1. Set up an RSS Feed

    Approximately 46% of daily internet users read more than one blog every day. By adding an auto-discoverable RSS feed, makes it super easy for power users to get your latest blog posts and news stories, as soon as you publish them.

  1. Provide a link to company’s home page

    65% of daily internet users read at least one blog. It must be noted that this could be YOUR blog, so make it easy for internet users to find it. This can be achieved by providing a link from your company’s home page, promoting the blog posts via your company’s social media accounts, and even through the reposting or sharing by employees.

  1. Add social media sharing buttons

    Blog posts that were shared on Twitter and Facebook got 149% more inbound links than those not shared on social media at all. As a result, it’s advised to add social media sharing buttons to your blog. These handy little buttons make it super simple for your readers to share your content on their social networks, in turn extending the reach of your posts to a wider audience.

  1. Post insightful and informative content

    90% of consumers find customer content useful, with 60% of consumers feeling a company’s positivity after reading the content. As such, be sure to put yourself in the position of your typical consumer, and consider what information would be of interest to you. Make sure the content is relevant and appropriate before publishing online, to ensure the article is enticing and stimulates positive emotions from targeted and potential readers.

  1. Post content with relevance

    82% of consumers enjoy reading relevant content from brands and 70% of consumers learn about the brand through articles rather than ads. Thus, blogs can provide companies an opportunity to truly connect with their consumers through the content they’re producing, to develop and establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

Conclusively, blogs are as popular as they’ve ever been before and allow businesses, other professionals or non-professionals to share expertise, gain recognition and establish a meaningful and rewarding online presence, whilst building a positive reputation among the online community. Therefore, if you haven’t started blogging as of yet, get cracking as you could be missing a trick or two!

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Social media reaction to the World Cup final!

You don’t have to be the biggest football fan in the world to realise the 2014 World Cup was one of the biggest events ever on Social Media. Many brands spent millions upon millions on their advertising campaigns on Social Media for the World Cup, some successful, some not so. But how did social media react to the World Cup final? This is how Twitter reacted when Mario Gotze scored the winner!

You would of had to be living under a rock for the past 24 hours to of not heard that Germany are world champions again! Many German brands jumped on this as soon as it happened as they saw it was a great time to post. Here is our favourite!

As you can see, this tweet has over 13,000 retweets! Pretty remarkable isn’t it? Other big brands such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz came up with some pretty cool visual designs which you can see below. However their tweets haven’t been as successful as the Lufthansa airline tweet!

But what social media records were broken during the whole course of this World Cup? Well for starters, the Brazil vs Germany game was tweeted about 36.1 MILLION times! Astonishing right? Well, how about this then… When Germany won the World Cup yesterday, there was 618,725 tweets EVERY MINUTE! Records are there to be broken and this World Cup has done that! What was your favourite World Cup marketing campaign? Tell us in the comments below!

LinkedIn New Profile Update

Looks familiar doesn’t it?


blog postssss


LinkedIn has rolled out it’s new profile redesign update to it’s premium users and it has striking similarities to Twitter’s new profile look. However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! As a result of the update, premium users now have the opportunity to choose their own cover photo. This can either be their own or they can use the header images LinkedIn provided. Pretty cool eh? Now LinkedIn profiles look a lot more visually appealing!  The only bad news is that non-premium users will have to play the waiting game as it will be a few months till they can have cover photos!




Whilst this is all great news that LinkedIn has made attempts to make their users profiles look a bit more appealing, the downside is that it comes at a cost. This cost is slightly lower now as a result of LinkedIn introducing a new, cheaper membership option called “Premium Spotlight”. However, the issue still remains, many users will feel they are paying for an update which you can get for free on different social networks.


What do you think of the new update? Love it or hate it?  And are you tempted to buy premium spotlight? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

The Rise Of Pinterest

One of the next upcoming social networks in 2014? Absolutely not! It is one of THE most popular social networks. Ranked fourth most popular social network and valued at $3.8 million, Pinterest is not one of those up and coming social networks, it is part of the elite now! But after only being created a few years ago, how has it progressed so much in such a short space of time? 2014 is also being touted to be the “photo year” and with imagine sharing sites becoming more popular such as Instagram and Youtube, Pinterest is leading the charge!  


Pinterest is a different type of social network compared to Facebook and Twitter, it is visually based but it is different than other visually based sites such as Instagram, Flickr. Pinterest allows users to post photo’s, videos and gifs to collections, also known as Pinboards. Also if users find a pin posted by another user, they can pin it to their wall, essentially like a retweet. Fancy yourself as a bit of a jet setter who loves a bit of good food? Most popular pins include tasty food and places to travel so if you’re a fan of it, Pinterest is for you!


$500 million. That’s how much revenue Pinterest could generate from placing ads on their site as soon as 2016 according to Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities.  Imagine what you could do with $500 million!  You could buy 2.5 billion Freddo’s, 6 Cristiano Ronaldo’s, the list could go on and on! However in all seriousness, it would be a wise decision to do so, users on Facebook and Twitter have came to tolerate advertisements on their timelines so it is likely that Pinterest users over time would do the same. One advantage Pinterest has over Twitter is that Pinterest allows you to create business accounts unlike Twitter where it is the same type of account for all. Is your business is in the catering industry? It would be recommended to set up an account on Pinterest as cooking and dining makes up 66% of activity on the site!

fb pf

But what is in store in the next year for Pinterest? After the progress they’ve made in the past couple of years, would it be right to assume that Pinterest this year will overtake LinkedIn in terms of popularity and users? Will they become the 3rd most popular social network or is too soon for them? Whatever happens, Pinterest won’t be gone anytime soon! 

The Best Brands On Snapchat!

The Best Brands On Snapchat!

16 Handles was the first brand to start a marketing campaign on Snapchat in January 2013, which at the time was groundbreaking. This campaign involved sending a Snapchat image of yourself tasting yogurt on-site to the company’s Snapchat account. As a result of doing this, 16 Handles would then automatically send a Snapchat image of a coupon back to your account. Finally, you would have to wait to open the snap containing the coupon until you were at the register and ready to redeem it — because when the image was opened, it would automatically delete itself 10 seconds later.  

This is who we think our top brands are on Snapchat! Do you think any brands are missing? Tell us which ones!

14 Facebook Facts For 2014

Total number of Facebook users – 1.26 billion


The country with the most active Facebook users – Canada

Percentage increase in negative Facebook posts when it rains – 1.16%


Number of Facebook messages sent daily – 10 billion


Wall Street estimated value of each Facebook user – £76


Total number of Facebook group users – 500 million


Amount Facebook reportedly offered to buy SnapChat for – $3 billion

Top U.S. check-in was Disneyland at Anaheim in California


67% of all American internet users use Facebook. In the UK it is 82%


The number one life event reported by Facebook users is “adding a relationship”


On average, 40 pages are liked per user


66% of of total social media sharing is from the Facebook iPhone app


Average number of photo’s uploaded per Facebook user – 217


Number of Facebook 10th birthday “Look back” videos rendered – 720 million