Five Vine Ideas For Businesses


If you’re a business owner and someone says ‘Vine’ to you, what is the first thing that enters your head? A video sharing platform, a fad for teenagers or an opportunity for you to get you’re business across to customers?We know that it probably seems that vine is just for teenagers to share videos of themselves doing funny things, but that’s where you’re wrong.

Here are five vine ideas for businesses :

1) Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes, Why not make a video showing your audience what goes on behind the scenes of your business, in other words video what goes on in the warehouse or factory where your product is made, this will make the customers feel more involved with your company


The Weather Channel Vine

2) Big announcements

Vine can also be a very good way of getting important information across such as upcoming events, changes to your business and all the other exciting news you may have! Using the weeks leading up to the big announcement to build up anticipation is a great way of getting your announcement more attention.


Taco Bell Announcement Vine

3) Competitions

Holding competitions on vine for your audience is also a good way of interacting with them, it allows them to feel part of your business by getting them involved and asking them to post videos.


John Lewis Insurance – What Matters Competition

4) Testimonials

When visiting a social event or occasion where several of your customers are attending why not ask them to do do a short testimonial on vine for you, not only does this get customers involved but it also shows that your care about what your customers think.


Adidas Messi Unboxing Vine

5) Have Fun

Its not all about selling your products or your brand, making short funny movies of you doing funny stuff (playing stack’em with your product) or making short videos with your products,  this ensures that you company are still promoting your products but in a more approachable way.


Dunkin’ Doughnuts Vine

By Zoe Creswell

Social Networks: Beyond Digital

What is a social network? It’s a widely used term that usually refers to websites like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ in recent times but social networking has been going on ever since sentient beings were able to communicate. As long as there has been social groups we’ve had a network, to think of modern digital social networking as a  fad denies the notion of one of the fundamentals of being alive, the act of communication.

This talk by Harvard professor of Medicine, Health Care Policy, and Sociology Nicholas Christakis at TED2010, shows the power of the social networks around us. He details how physical social networks affect our daily lives including social networks can influence our body size.

This does pose a question, if this is the findings of social networks in our physical life, what affect is digital social networks making to us now?

By Omar Johnson