Facebook Snap Up Whatsapp For $19bn

IN20_FACEBOOK_WHAT_1762743fYesterday evening, news emerged that Facebook purchased the instant-messaging service ‘Whatsapp’ in a deal said to be worth around $19bn.

Whatsapp is the only internet based app that gets more engagement and a higher percent of people, daily, than Facebook itself. Now there’s a fact!
With over 450 million monthly users, Whatsapp is currently sitting top of the tree. Skype, WeChat, Viber, and Blackberry Messenger (BBM) also make up the top 5 of most monthly users.

graphDespite the purchase of Instagram in 2012, this  will be the largest single acquisition Facebook have performed in all of their 10-year history. It seems as though Facebook are going all out though, having also had a reported offer of $3bn for direct photo messaging app,  Snapchat in 2013. This has, in fact, made people question the intentions of Facebook. Rather than internally growing, it is said that Facebook are trying to “buy growth” by purchasing popular applications [such as Instagram].
You can only survive in the Social Media industry if you are creative, innovation and, of course, popular!

Is this a “panic buy”? Have Facebook ran out of internal ideas?

Jan Koun, founder of Whatsapp and former Yahoo engineer is now set to join Facebook’s Board of Directors. The Ukrainian and his employees will also receive $3bn [£1.8bn] as part of the deal.





What’s In A Logo?

That’s right, Google have revamped their homepage, but blink and you may just miss it!

The re-design also features a new address bar at the top of the page made to make the site more user-friendly and that little bit more easy to get around.


At first glance the look the new design does not seem to be that different but in fact “Google” has been flattened reshaped with a slightly new colour palette being introduced.

The new design is the first revamp of the world’s most viewed page since 2010, and what do people make of it? I hear you ask…

Okay, that’s where the problem lies, no one actually seems to know about it! Whether that be poor advertising from Google, or no one actually knows about it. Let’s face it, how different is it? Would you notice the change?


This is the headline that I’ve been seeing a lot of lately! Bing obviously felt like they needed to compete with the new logo change, and it’s a pretty drastic change too…. Well, compared to Google it is! With a new colour and a new shape this is a REAL revamp compared to whatever it is that Google has done. Bing has also introduced a new search box, which also displays the new Bing symbol! The search box is a lot more appealing, and a lot more visual now, take a look for yourself!


What do you think? I think it has already been established that the re-design has been much more successful and, for one, more noticeable than what Google have done!! Here’s what some of you guys think:


Mixed reviews there, but viewers, tell me, what do you think of the new Bing design?


And now, on to Yahoo! They’ve also jumped on to the bandwagon of introducing a new design to their profile. They’ve kept the original colour scheme of purple and white but done a completely new thing will it! The white is now purple, and the purple….is now white! Sounds pretty basic right? Less is more is a term that is thrown around often, but I think that this transition is pretty intensive and gives it a more modern look:


The logo is now a lot more bubbly and fun, don’t you think? It’s a lot more direct and current. Losing that purple is a definite positive for me!

Who do you think has won this battle of revamps!? It’s very rare that three major companies change their logos so quickly after another. The competition is obvious and for us, very visual! Forget the status of each engine for a moment, who has won the war of the re-design!?

By Mitch Perry