The Benefits Of Twitter For Your Business


Welcome to the world of social networking, the latest way to leave your electronic footprint on the internet.   Did you know there are around 500 million users on twitter? And that 250,000,000 tweets are posted each day?

With this new knowledge do you feel more interested in starting up your own business twitter page and connecting with the millions of followers already participating? Well you should do and here’s why.

Twitter is a great way of communicating with other businesses and individuals who share an interest or share the same profession as you.

Having an online profile is a great way of promoting yourself as you can reach out to places all over the country and all over the world, as well as finding people/companies that you didn’t even know were out there.

People enjoy connecting on twitter as it is less time consuming and more interesting than other forms of social networking. Twitters only allows its users to make a tweet (comment) that is approximately 140 characters long, this may seem like a disadvantage at first glance, but thinks about it, how many of you would rather scroll through and look at shorter snappier tweets than having to sit and read a whole long winded paragraph?

Although it may seem like a strain to have to squeeze all you want to say into a couple of sentence, it actually benefits you as people will be more attracted to the short snappy tweet.

People can search for keywords (otherwise known as hashtags #) on twitter and can find anything you have written to do with that  keyword, for example ‘Social Media Buz – Experts who help companies grow their business using #SocialMediaStrategy, training, management and events. No.1 for #LinkedIn in the UK’ the key words being  #SocialMediaStrategy and #LinkedIn.

Twitter is all about the personal touches! You can comment and connect with everyone on twitter, even if you’re not following them.  Take the example from above if someone saw the tweet because they had searched for the keywords, they might then contact Social Media Buz directly and enquire about the services they are offering.

People also like to re-tweet comments that they like, this means posting a tweet that you have written, on their account. Re-tweeting is a way of showing interest in that post and also getting you better known as all their followers will be able to see it as well.

People are searching on twitter constantly, so they might not sit there all day staring at the screen waiting for new tweets however about 7/10 people have their social networking accounts connected to their smart phones, giving them easy access to all their accounts and alerting them of any new activity.

Make an account, at first your profile picture will be of an egg (get it an egg, because you’re a new born tweeter) TOP TIP – Why not make sure the first thing you do on twitter is add a relevant, eye catching profile picture. After all nobody likes talking to an egg! Create your profile, find your followers, gather your flock and become top of the tree in twitter land!

So think about it, now you know there are around 500 million users on twitter and that 250,000,000 tweets are posted each day why not sit in that social networking tree and start tweeting to all your potential fellow tweeters.

By Zoe Cresswell

Mark Hamilton Taylor
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Mark Hamilton Taylor
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