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The Rise And Rise Of Pinterest

Here is something which may blow your mind. You must know what Instagram is? Millions use it and it is one of the most popular social network sites. However, it is not the number one picture sharing website. Small but mighty, Pinterest is not only the number one photo sharing site but also the 5th most popular social media website.

But, if you ask the average teenager if they use Pinterest, the likely response you’ll get is a blank expression. With 70 million users (as of July 2013), Pinterest isn’t as popular compared to it’s competitors Instagram and Flickr who have more than 85 million users each but it is most notable for the amount of female users registered on there (over 80%).

Stat attack!

  1. Pinterest generates over 400% more revenue per click as Twitter and 27% more than Facebook.

  2. The average time spent on Pinterest is 14.2 minutes.

  3. 80% of users are female.

  4. Pinterest has 1.36 millions visitors per day.

  5. 80% of Pinterest pins are repins. Therefore, the more you share and pin, the more it will get spread around.

What makes Pinterest so different though? Pinterest allows users to create collections of photos and when they have been created, users can repin photos to their profile.

It is a unique website and is only going to get better in 2014! It is miraculous the progress which has been made in the space of a couple of years and there is a feeling that Pinterest are just getting started!

By David Kenning

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