Top 5 Webinars!

1) Secrets To Get Hired On LinkedIn

Here is some fantastic advice on taking your career to the next level! Check out this Webinar, “3 Secrets to Getting Hired with LinkedIn,” where it is revealed some of the most powerful online tools.

2) Seven Social Media Ad Trends In 2014

This superb Webinar answers many questions such as how do marketers feel about using paid social media advertising and what opportunities lie ahead in video, mobile and native advertising in social media?

3) How to create remarkable content

Unsure on how to make your content great? This Webinar gives advice on the types of content you need to create, re-packing your existing content and creating a template for your content.


4) Facebook Marketing Webinar Series

Want to learn more about Facebook Marketing? This amazing Webinar shows you how to organically grow your Facebook fan base and how to use Facebook ads to generate leads.

5) Calls to Action Webinar Series

This Webinar teaches how to understand Call to Action placement and performance. It also teaches us about why placement of Call to Action is so critical and how to properly place them.


Mark Hamilton Taylor
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Mark Hamilton Taylor

Social Media & LinkedIn Strategist - 5★Awarded Social Media Trainer - Digital Marketing at The Social Media Academy
After studying biotechnology: I went into the corporate field, working within large organisations.
► My personal goal is to make an authentic difference to society.
► My professional goal and passion is developing people and businesses.
Mark Hamilton Taylor
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