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Twitter Analytics: better late than never

One of the first concerns that people usually had when they join Twitter it was this strange feeling to be screaming into the void. When I joined, back in March 2010 twitter has only 30 million active users a month. Today, in 2014, this figure went up to 271 with a really interesting growing (Source: Statista)

We had to wait unit the platform was really established to get the new Twitter Analytics that were launched last week for free and for all the users.  It is quite interesting to see how, until now, there wasn’t any real and 100% reliable ways to understand the impact of your tweets. It was really necessary have to wait 8 years to be able to use this stats?

But as the title stands, better late than never!

Twitter Analytics: how does it work?

The first step that you have to do start on Twitter Analytics is to visit the web: and log in with your acount. The sooner you do it, the better so in some accounts it will only start tracking the impressions of the tweets after your first log in.

The dashboard

The dashoard is really user friendly and the way it shows the information is clear. If you are new on Twitter Analytics, you might not see any information about the impressions for your last tweets…

Key metrics

  • Impressions: it shows the number of times that users saw the tweet on Twitter
  • Detail expands: it shows and indication of the number of times that users clicked on the content to find out more, specially on pictures.
  • Retweets
  • Links clicks
  • User profile clicks: how many people clicked on your user to see your profile
  • Favourites
  • Follows: how many followers you got directly related to this tweet
  • Replies

What are we missing on this Analytics?

Even though is a great new feature we miss three key points:

  • More detailed information about the devices being used (PC, tablet or smartphone).
  • Some tips to increase the impact of your tweets (best times, type of content working better for your audience…)
  • More information backwards on past tweets.
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