Twitter training

Twitter TrainingUsing Twitter is very simple: type 140 characters and send a tweet is relatively easy. Getting results from that is a bit more complicated, but it’s possible if you have a defined strategy, you set the right goals and use the tactics to achieve them.
We provide proven Twitter training orientated to get the most from the platform, engage with the audience and achieve the business blogs.

The plan

The Twitter training follows this plan

  • What is Twitter?
  • Twitter and harnessing the ability of 'immediate' communication
  • The ground rules; the major do's and don'ts about creating a business profile
  • How it works - the basics
  • How it works - the advanced and little known features
  • Etiquette on Twitter
  • Who to follow and why
  • Establishing and keeping followers
  • Using Twitter to build your brand
  • Tweeting style and tailoring it to your company
  • Driving visitors to your website through Twitter
  • Changing followers behaviour
  • Direct communication with your followers
  • Generating leads through Twitter for offline follow-up
  • Essential third party tools and applications
  • Twitter and legal implications
  • Achieving your company/organisation goals on Twitter