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charloteTrolling is the act of targeting and harassing someone online via social media platforms; it’s a horrible and possibly deadly trend that seems to be taking over the internet in the recent years especially on twitter.

Charlotte Dawson is an Australian supermodel who had worked previously on shows such as Australia’s next top model, on the 23rd February 2014 she was found in her Sydney apartment and eventually passed away from taking a large quantity of prescribed drugs.

Charlotte had been dealing with depression for a while however it was not that, that made her make this decision, she took her own life due to large amounts of hate related tweets and twitter trolling.

It has been discovered that the evening leading up to the sad event Charlotte had been sat up until the early morning defending herself against online trolls who had started the hash tag #diecharlotte 


Unfortunately it had become too much for her and she posted one final tweet which read ‘you win x’

This is not the only case of online trolling, many of people all over the world become subject to these dreadful crimes, however it takes a high profile case to bring the situation into light, if social media trolls can abuse and claim the life of a strong, mature woman, what hope do our teenagers have when faced with it ?

What gives someone the right to hide behind and computer screen and hail abuse of a complete stranger just for a laugh?  Why is it no considering a crime or illegal to do so?

Recently teenagers all over the world have been taking part in a game they call Nek Nominate, in this game a FRIEND nominates another FRIEND to drink a large concoction of alcohol and also may ask them to do something bizarre at the same time.

This game circulated the web for a number of weeks and ended with people dying, it then came about that if you had nominated someone to drink and they sadly died off doing so, you could get prosecute for manslaughter.

A person can willingly accept a ‘game challenge’ off a friend, sadly died from doing so and the friend who was taking part in the game gets charged… however a person can commit suicide because of constant taunting and abuse off a complete stranger and nothing happens to the stranger inflicting the pain ?

Isn’t bullying and harassing someone to the point of death more of a crime than nominating a friend to take part in a game which they accept out of their own freewill?

A law or punishment to someone who is seen to start online trolling surely would see a decrease in the number of cases, as people have the thought of punishment if they are found to be involved with trolling. It seems to be a simple answer but surely we should be implementing some kind of punishment as it is basically manslaughter.

By Zoe Cresswell

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